Travel France and Elsewhere via YouTube... and your armchair

There’s such a great selection… these are just a few…

My YouTube journey is taking me from Buenos Aires to Alaska via Tierra del Fuego. Unfortunately the traveller I’m following became stuck in Peru because of the lockdown and has actually returned home to Europe until it is safe to resume the journey. Luckily I’m a few weeks behind them on the road so I can still enjoy a lot more episodes.

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it’s so relaxing, isn’t it… we can travel in comfort… :slight_smile:

Are you watching Noraly (Itchy Boots) on YouTube?

I am.

I have enjoyed her adventures since she purchased her Royal Enfield in India.

The episode in the hostel in Peru was extraordinary.

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The latest ones in Holland are interesting as well. I’m only up to just after where she took the three week break, a few more to go before she gets to Peru and Coronavirus.

This is the one I referred to, enjoy it when you get to it:


Hi David… can you give us the link to Holland… ??

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I’ve rented them many times in India, got to be (almost) the most badly put together bike ever, even worse than some of the Russian ones

(Photo of a very old Photo!)