Travel - France to UK for those choosing not to be jabbed

No reason required to enter France vaccinated or unvaccinated according to French Embassy website

French Embassy

No restriction shall apply when entering metropolitan France from a green list country or territory (the United Kingdom has been on the green list since 31 March 2022). No compelling reason is required for travellers to France.


Here’s a good one -

If you knew someone that will board a flight back to the UK tonight had tested positive this morning what would you do?

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I thought Boris is relying on everybody using their “common sense” these days, no rules or restrictions. So what can you do.

Wave them off while being thankful you’re not on the flight with them :see_no_evil::joy:

Tell them they are b@st@rds for risking infecting people. There’s probably nothing you can do legally, but they might at least wear a decent ffp2 mask.

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How are the numbers in France these days?

Resumé of the last official stuff:
Recent official reports show no new hospital cases, but the rise in contaminations (to around 25,000 daily) is said to be giving some cause for concern.
However, despite the slight hike folk are advised not to panic, but to be sensible, take precautions etc where necessary and/or advised, (masks, gel, etc).
(The figures are only moving up very slowly at the moment but they are being monitored closely none the less.)

I know that we have a few folk who are showing positive in my commune, cropping up on a regular basis (not daily but every few days even so…)…
Those are staying at home until their test shows clear… some are poorly, some are not.
I can’t say what any other “positive” folk are doing…
Yesterday’s voting in my commune, had masks/gel available for all… some did, some didn’t.

re the OP:
If someone is flying and they are covid-positive, I reckon they have a duty to protect others by doing/wearing “whatever it takes”… but that is just my own opinion.


Just a thought

Who pays compensation/who gets sued… if a passenger contracts covid… ??? :roll_eyes: :wink:
(only joking…)

If you leave a flight with more than you borded with Ryanair would probably charge more!

I have been made ill twice on flights through people with the flu and probably norovirus so anyone who is ill should probably wear a mask out of courtesy nowadays.

The hand sanitiser thing was never really useful as the virus was an aerosol, neither the Spanish university early on or the Israel university managed to pick up sufficient to cause a problem. Made people feel better maybe

Gel is certainly seen as a positive thing locally… yesterday, each pen was cleaned with “whatever” in between voters (and some had brought their own pens).
There are still shops offering gel at their entrances (mandatory in pharmacies and health places) and, considering folk shopping tend to handle packages and put them back on the shelves… gel seems a good idea. Aerosol stuff must land somewhere and I know that my hands are touching/wiping my eyes, nose, face area… ( makes me sound like a twitchy person :rofl:, and if I find myself doing it I do try to stop myself :roll_eyes: as I have a very sensitive skin…)

Gel is still made available in all the shops here but nobody uses it anymore.

I don’t go often but when I do venture into the supermarket I still wear a mask. However, I’m massively in the minority nowadays. It doesn’t partiularly bother me to wear one, but appreciate that I spend most of my day at work, indoors, at home.

We’re about to see the arrival of tourists here so the number of cases may increase substantially as a result.

Unvaccinated people are choosing to put at risk people they may come in contact with should they become infected.
Whilst we are aware that vaccinated people can still catch Covid, the risk is less.
There are people like me who have problems with their lungs, but no one can tell that just by looking at me.
We have to take extra precautions because of that and, if I accidentally came into contact with someone who was unvaccinated, I would not b e pleased.
I have to restrict my lifestyle, so why should those who choose not to be vaccinated not have to hav e some restrictions placed on them to protect others?


Whilst I understand your plight Jane and empathise there is there a difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated? You may feel more comfortable around vaccinated people but that maybe misplaced and open you up to a greater risk, sheilding away from anyone with covid/flu should be your main thought.


Good point… I’m seeing villagers who definitely are vaccinated… falling positive with whichever covid… and not throwing it off completely but having it come back again and again, throughout several weeks/months… and it’s not just being positive, they have debilitating symptoms…
it’s all very odd.

EDIT: Seems it’s not odd at all… but I find it so, none the less… :rofl: :roll_eyes:

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Conservative Woman - that well known medical journal…

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It’s even worse than that, it’s a cut and paste job from Toby Young’s ridiculous covid conspiracy blog.

What a load of unsubstantiated innuendo.
Figures? Facts?
" ONS data showing hospitalisation rates for non-Covid reasons many times higher in the vaccinated compared with the unvaccinated" - If they are basing this purely on patient numbers then since the majority of the population is vaccinated, then it is not surprising that the vast majority of people being admitted to hospital are vaccinated. Equally, the majority of people not being admitted to hospital will be vaccinated, too.

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Oh dear… I didn’t mean to start a furore.

What I find odd is that some people are tired/poorly (and positive on the test)… even though they’ve been vaccinated.
I’m not at all convinced that these symptoms are anything to do with a vaccine, which has been quite happily minding its own business, just sitting in their systems.
I think it more likely that they are experiencing mild symptoms from some covid variant.
As I do know folk who died from Covid, which they caught before we could change their anti-vax mindsets…
I rather suspect the tired/poorly feelings are a price I and others are prepared to pay for the peace of mind of being vaccinated.

lights blue touchpaper and stands well back…

I don’t think it was ever claimed that the vaccines will stop you catching Covid.
What they claim, and what seems to be the case, is that if you do catch Covid and you are vaccinated, your body is better equipped to deal with it and you are far less likely to become seriously ill or die.