Travel Health insurance

Hi, we are travelling to the UK for a week and will take our French EHIC, which I gather is still valid, but only gives basic medical cover. What have others done for health insurance? We have a mutuel with our carte vitale, but I don’t think that extends beyond France?

Wonder if @fabien sells travel insurance?

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Hi Carl, unfortunately the EHIC is no longer valid. Only the GHIC is accepted and only in some cases. If you have an EHIC is almost certain you won’t be able to get the GHIC so I would advise you reach out to one of our travel insurance experts on FAB.

Do you know the “some cases” details.

Though we have an annual policy, we’re reduced to “GHIC” now. Nasty thing with the Union Flag splattered (or should I say spaffed) all over it.

Yep, entrepreneurs and retirees :wink:

Your French issued CEAM is valid in the UK. See here for confirmation

As you say it gives basic cover, but emergency health care is always provided freely in the UK. It has not turned into America yet!

Some mutuelles do give some health cover whilst outside France, but depends on what precisely you have covered and with who . You’ll have to check with your provider.

So only bit missing is repatriation in case of accident, which you’ll have to get travel insurance for if you want that.

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Just bouncing on the “Some mutuelles do give some health cover whilst outside France”. This is not true, or at least, not as many people would see it. Some mutuelles are indeed focused on “frontaliers” so you can find mutuelles that cover you both in France and Switzerland for example but, apart from that example, the only cover they offer abroad is in regard to things that would have been covered by the French system anyway. The mutuelle is only “topping up” whatever the French CPAM (sécu) is refunding so if no cover abroad from the CPAM then nothing to be topped up :wink:

Hi Fabien, I might be using the wrong term EHIC. Are you saying my CEAM card is no longer accepted in England?

To be covered in the UK that I don’t know. But it’s no longer accepted to apply for a VISA or a residency permit (carte de séjour). Kind regards,

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See the link above - it is just fine!!

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Purely my own feelings… I would take out Travel Insurance with medical cover… rather than risk being totally at the mercy of any foreign state health service.

Sauvetage/repatriation at the very least… but then, I am a belt and braces sort of person… :wink:

Nobody checks, the beleaguered NHS treats everyone.


Family living in UK are having a bad time with the NHS at the moment. (no complaints about the NHS staff! )
For one serious medical situation, they had to pay to get an operation done privately, rather than continue for perhaps another 2 years with course after course of antibiotics… which only held the condition at bay rather than solving it.

Sorry to sound dismal… but I truly would have insurance of some sort… as we could not pay for private care.


The last time I went to a hospital in the UK (pre-covid) there was a massive sign above the reception test about eligibility, and I was asked point blank to confirm I was eligible for free health care.

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Cor thats a first! A friend who is an anesthetist back before covid they had just carried out £120,000 operation on an African lady with no right to reside, the so called health tourist.

Which brings me back to my original question. So, it seems we are covered for basic emergency healthcare by our CEAM cards which are still valid in the UK according to CPAM. Has anyone any recommendations for companies they have used, if not ,no problem, I can research myself. Thanks

I’m thoroughly confused now. Today I received a UK EHIC from the NHS Business Services Authority in Newcastle. They made it valid from 01/01/21 to 16/12/25. It has a hologram of the Union Flag in one corner [not “splattered all over it”]

It entitles me to ‘reduced cost [or sometimes free] state-provided healthcare during a tempory visit to EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Switzerland

They know I am res in FR. [RdV for CdS on Monday, folks!] so why have I got a UK EHIC not a GHIC? ["GHIC eligibilty - UK residents; UK state pension recipients living in an EU member state? ]

Who can apply for a new EHIC? It asks…

Perhaps for “some British State Pensioners who started living in the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland before 1 January 2021”

If you have a UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) it will be valid until the expiry date on the card. Once it expires, you’ll need to apply for a GHIC to replace it.” it says here.

I know that since APril 2016 or so, UK pensioners living in the EU are [still] entitled to treatment in UK as if they were res in UK, from scrips to 3x heart by-pass.

But after all that, is my new EHIC card only good for smoothing filler?

Your healthcare is covered by the UK, so whether it’s an eHIC or a GHIC is probably irrelevant. They sent it to you and it covers you for emergency care in other EU countries. Your S1 gives entitlement to health care in France and the UK.

The original poster Carl is most likely a French resident not in receipt of a UK state pension… So France is his competent state and covers his healthcare. He therefore has a CEAM issued by France which covers emergency care in other EU countries and the UK, norway etc etc.

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So which one is better if you had the choice?

It looks like if resident in France before 31Dec2020, or if at any time a UK state pensioner resident in France, the UK still gives you an EHIC allowing coverage in UK aa well as Europe including France.

Does that mean that when the fabled list of countries the UK will have amazing agreements with around the world is added to the GHIC, anyone eligible for an EHIC will not be eligible for the GHIC?

I thought that they are no good if you are resident in the EU, although perhaps that is what covers you for trips OUTSIDE of France??? I wonder if a phone call could clear it up and you could let us know the outcome??