Travel insurance over 70

I’m going on holiday in Morocco in February. I don’t have any existing health conditions but thought it would be a good idea to have some travel insurance. I was going to use the Ryanair one but it’s only valid to 70 and I’m over 70. Any thoughts on this - recommendations? I’ve heard it may be very expensive.

Harriet try globe link we have used them in the past, not sure about age limits though as we are not 70 yet!

Thanks I will give them a go

Try Avanti

Thanks Ronald

Check out europesure, staysure, globelink and chapka.

Thanks James

I tried Staysure, I am asthmatic and they asked how much medication I took and that was their sole criteria.
Not concerned that I am not under the care of a specialist or have never been hospitalised,
Asking if I could walk 80 metres when I can easily swim four times that.
Totally unhelpful and very expensive.

Thanks Jane. One to avoid!

Harriet, If you have house insurance, it can include travel insurance, check with insurers first.