Travel Insurance with Pre-existing Medical Conditions

I expect that I am not alone in having had trouble finding reasonably priced travel insurance due to pre-existing medical conditions. Having found what I believe to be the answer for my wife and myself, I thought that I would share it with the wider community as this product is available to anyone with an address in France, or anywhere else in the EEA.
So here is the relevant link: (I hope it works OK for you.)
We found the whole online procedure very simple, the questions about medical history being especially easy to understand and follow. The medical screening is a part of the online process, and the questions are straightforward and in a logical sequence.
The whole process took us about 15 minutes after which we were able to print our insurance documentation.
The website even very kindly pointed out that an annual multi trip policy would be cheaper for us than the single trip policy we had started out asking for.
To give you an idea of price, we are going to the USA for 33 days. I am in remission from Lymphoma cancer and I also have a slowly degenerative spinal condition. My wife has some intestinal problems which are stable with medication, but which have caused hospitalisation in the past. The insurer declined to cover my conditions (as expected), but was willing to cover my wife’s conditions for a reasonable additional premium. The total bill came to £236 which we thought was pretty good bearing in mind both our trip duration and the extortionate cost of health care in the US.
I hope that this information will be useful to others as it really isn’t right for someone to be denied the opportunity of a holiday outside of Europe just because they have been ill in the past and can’t find reasonably affordable travel insurance.

Thank you gor this Robert.
I have asthma and was quoted an exorbitant amount because of the medication I take.
I am not under consultant treatment nor have I been hospitalised because of it.
It was impossible to speak to anyone and I went without medical insurance.