Travel into and out of Schengen after 2020



Interesting, Graham…

having checked the list… I don’t reckon I will be going out of the Schengen area anyway… but it’s good to know how it works, should I ever need to.

Pity there isn’t an extra penalty clause included for those who voted for Brexit.


But are they suddenly going to stop French registered cars at borders which in most places are invisible?

I haven’t crossed a border since last January but in the 10 years previously of frequently doing so I haven’t been stopped once. The only exception is of course the UK one, and even then French checks have been peremptory or non-existent.

Same here, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve been stopped in any one of my previously owned, rented or current French vehicles despite more than a hundred crossings through various Schengen borders over the years.

Surely, this thread is about going OUT of the Schengen Area and into a Non-Schengen country… ??? and then vice versa

Are there really (currently) no controls/borders when one arrives at a Non-Schengen country which touches the Schengen Area ??? :thinking: :thinking:

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It also mentions the aspects of travel within Schengen countries for UK nationals.

You’re right of course, I misread the title. ;-( :roll_eyes:

So for me then the only conceivable crossing would be Sweden/Norway, where I do want to go one day, but may never make it.

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I understood/misunderstood you to say you crossed Schengen Borders…

but now see that you meant you crossed you crossed the border between 2 countries… within the Schengen Area …

I think I need cuppa… it’s all a bit wobbly today… :wink:

Not you, me, I misread the title and only reminded myself of journeys from the Spanish Atlantic coast to Budapest and all countries in between. Only when I went to Inverness was I troubled by officialdom. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So I’m guessing, probably wrongly, that once within the Schengen area, there will be no restrictions on movement (as it is at the moment for us immigrants) between countries/across borders?

Good shout. A discrete tattoo of Jacob Rees-Mogg on the forehead …

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I get the feeling that crossing into, and out of, Switzerland, might become more interesting…despite Switzerland being an associate member of the Schengen agreement.

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Me too, I can’t imagine they are going to re-staff redundant border posts simply in order to catch the odd Brit without the correct documentation. :wink:

I have visions of that Danny Boon film “Rien à Déclarer”…

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Mind you… M Macron has said (recently) he is not happy with the easy-access for everyone into France from other Schengen countries…

Edit: he is talking about the easy passage for terrorists etc… of course… not simple holiday makers

Well he’d better start upping the number of Points de Passage Frontalier then, coz at 118 manned entry points for the whole of France, seems like an uphill struggle given the actual physical number of crossing points on the French land borders.

Might even see all the Schengen countries doing something… terrorism is a threat in all countries

Why? I don’t understand why you think it acceptable to penalise and lambast people who exercised their democratic right just because you didn’t agree with them.

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According to the english dictionary to lambast someone is to beat or whip severely. to reprimand or scold. I suggested an additional penalty be applied for those who voted for Brexit ie they no longer wanted to be a club member. If your membership has expired but you still want to visit then you have to pay and 7 euros is pretty cheap, it should be more.
I do agree that Brexiteers should be whipped severely but we are in the 21st century and no longer practice such punishment in the western world. Perhaps when Brexit Britain has returned to the dark ages such punishments will be reintroduced.

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