Hello everyone,

I’ve been living in France for nearly 20 years, but am passionate about travel everywhere in the world. I am part of another online community called Travel2Change, in which purposeful travel, or travel that can bring about a positive change in the communities it touches, is encouraged.

Eighteen months ago, I trekked through the Ganesh Himal Region of Nepal with an alternative trekking homestay program and was warmly welcomed in the village of Chalish Gaon, which was home to my mountaineering guide and sherpa. I spent a morning teaching in the primary school and was touched by the enthusiasm of the children. I witnessed firsthand the dire need to improve living conditions for this population, which is more or less forgotten by the central government and civil society. Upon my return home, I felt a responsibility to make every effort to guarantee a minimum of human dignity for this community that adopted me. It has culminated in the present project to improve the water and sanitation conditions in the village, which you can find here:

Chalish Gaon is a remote village of approximately 60 households in Nepal, accessible only by walking three days through rough terrain. There is only one water point for the entire village which becomes contaminated during the monsoon season, and no toilet facilities currently exist. This project aims, in close collaboration with the villagers, to protect the existing water delivery point from contamination, to increase the number and quality of water delivery points and to build two toilets at the elementary school, in addition to providing education on hygiene practices to the villagers, so as to improve their overall health and livelihoods.

This project represents just a drop in the ocean for what needs to be done in so many areas of Nepal and around the world. I wish to show that with positivity and perseverance, even one person can make a difference to a whole village, and that sort of energy can be inspiring and infectious. I think Gandhi said it best: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

As a member of the Survive France Network, I would kindly ask you to support me in this endeavour by voting for the project on the link above and by leaving your comments so that the villagers’ dream can become a reality. Thank you!