Travelling back to the UK

A family member has been in France since the lockdown started! He finally managed to book travel back to the UK. He has just received an email from Eurostar to tell him to have any relevant attestations that may be needed to travel. I have looked and cannot find a specific form for non resident travellers, have I missed something, any advice, please?
Whether or not for non resident, it might be sensible to complete this one.

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I imagine this may well be an automatic email, mainly intended for French people coming back into France and requiring an international attestation to justify coming in to France… But if you live more than 100km from Lyon/Paris/Lille (ie wherever he gets on a Eurostar) then as well to carry an attestation for a déplacement of more than 100km. I doubt the French authorities will be too concerned about anyone leaving the country.

Hope he gets back before the 8th June…

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Thank you both.
He has filled out the attestation that refers to getting back to his main residence in the UK. He leaves tomorrow so no compulsory isolation when he arrives, but from what he has been told over the last few days,he intends to take extra precautions. His ten weeks stay in a isolated area of France cannot compare to London, even in so called lockdown :thinking:

Do wish him bon voyage @Lily.
I hope he arrives safe and sound.

Thank you Graham :hugs:
The journey is bitty Angouleme- Poitiers- Montparnasse- GdN- St P but at least he is going in the right direction :pray:

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