Tribunal d'Instance - What happens on the day?

Hi all

I wondered if any of you lovely people have been unfortunate enough to have had to attend a Tribunal d'instance?

We have unpaid rent from past tenants (yes I am going through my insurance as well!) and we sent them all the right forms requesting the payment which they ignored. The last letter basically said pay up or we will take you to the tribunal d'Instance.

Being the type of person I am (and having had to put up with these really bad tenants) I decided to follow through on this statement and sent off the forms to the Tribunal for the Greffier. I rec'd docs back saying that I had not sent them the declaration so I ignored it and managed to get an appointment with the local conciliator.

He sent the tenants letters asking them to pay up, which resulted in nothing!

This was some months ago and today we rec'd an appointment at the Tribunal for a RDV with the Greffier to discuss a conciliation.

Would my tenant have rec'd a copy of this rdv and be there as well?

I am hoping that the tenants will now just pay up and we can close the issue. It will also show the tenants that I stick to my word when I say that I will do something as I have also sent them a request for 12K in repairs relating to damage done to my property when they left - the insurance company will only pay 10K of this so I am going after the tenants for the rest, as well as lack of rental income whilst repairs were being made!

Can anyone tell me what happens at this meeting please if the tenants do not pay up beforehand?

Ta very muchly!

Fortunately we have not been in this position, but hope you get the outcome you want.