Tribute to ryanair close to my heart

look at this link and anybody who keeps a straight face might as well give up on life. it HURT my newly broken shoulder, but was worth it.

a real corker Brian and sooo true

both, sadly. but plenty of good too. ryanair set their sights on sites for their ground techno sites and offered roughly 30 local chair councils a free first class meeting/weekend in a top dublin hotel. I was not chairing then but our man at the time passingly mentioned he was going - I took it to some top london journalists (again, being a cambridge chap for several decades helps) and told our guy 'over my dead body'... strange how it metamorphosed into a badly attended meeting in bishop's stortford!

yes, double fracture and dislocation and do not even remember how! don't use painkillers though, pharma rubbish not my cuppa, so a bit painful. touch typist with only one hand, not fun so using a newly invented five pinky system with as many mistakes as possible allowed, plus no caps. have an overdue dealine to meet, so nose back to millstone in couple of days.

Was introduced to another Irish lady recently who lives near us (and who lived not more than a mile away from us in Dublin!) who advised us before buying a property to make sure we were in a "good" village. I wonder how many "bad" villages there are, as opposed to landgrabbing Maires.

Re shoulder, you must have really done some damage. So sorry to hear that. Hope the painkillers are working, and you are managing okay. At least you are able to use computer. You would be missed here on SFN. Very best wishes. Sheila

I was just about near enough (four physically large parishes in a northern line) rural mayor to stansted to be part of the eternal circle of those cursing ryanair forever. memories of this feed into patsie's potential landsnatch somehow as well. shoulder, many months...

Good one Brian. I found this a few months back and put it up on the Emerald Isle group. One of Ireland's success stories, yet one that many appear to dislike intensely.

Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Hope the recovery process has started. Take care of yourself.