Trip Advisor Business Listing

Bonjour everyone

Hope the season's going well for you.

We're well ranked for our region on Trip Advisor and are toying with the idea of coughing up the cash and paying for a business listing as they have a 20% reduction on at the moment. Does anyone here have a TA business listing, and if so, has it been a worthwhile investment?



Thanks Yvonne, Kathrin and Charlotte for your replies. I must say that I've always leaned towards thinking that if people find us on TA and want to know more and stay, then a quick search on Google finds us easily enough.


Hi Jan, and congratulations on your ranking!

I'm afraid we're rather anti-paying for the Business Listing as well - we've got plenty of good coverage from the free service and even with a 20% discount, we've considered it more worthwhile to allocate any spare dosh (ha!) elsewhere - but good luck with it either way

We don't have a business listing but can still respond to guest comments. We also receive the "special offers" from TA every now and then, but think the amount of money can be better spent otherwise.

Hi Jan, we have a business listing and it enables us to respond to reviews which we always do. It also allows us to have a direct link to our website which brings us lots of people. Be careful with TA as they are turning themselves into a booking engine (taking commission on all bookings booked via them and their partners) and a price comparison site. My recommendation is to use them as a review site only, and don't partner with them. Hope that helps you