Trip to Blighty via Euro Tunnel 2017

Planning a trip to the UK from Department 22 Brittany. I have a couple of questions …

I will have to go through the Dartford Tunnel, how much is that?

Is it possible to buy a ‘pass’ for the toll roads ahead of the trip?

Thank you.

You can’t pay at the crossing, info here

Assuming you mean French toll roads, info here

Pay on line…it’s really easy… we do a trip each year and never any probs…

You pay for the Dartford Crossing online, have a look at their website. You cannot prepay for the French autoroutes but if you can always pay with a Debit Card or, if you want everything to be really straightforward, get a Télépéage.

Yes indeed David… we had telepeage for a few years before we moved permanently…it was wonderful sailing past the long queues in the peak season… :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info. Will take a look at the website you provided. Regards.

Just got back from a family visit
Dartford tunnel was £2.50 online
We have got an account but forgot to change the reg when we registered the van in France. Or it would have been £1.70

I used to have t telepaege but we don’t travel as often now, because we live here permanently, I just use my French debit card. It’s quick enough if there aren’t any queues x