Triumph Speedmaster For Sale

I am going to put this in the For Sale group.

My husband wants to sell his red Triumph Speedmaster.

I have very few details, but will post them up when I have a moment.

I was just putting feelers out to gauge interest

Hi Peter.
Regarding the changes - We had a Triumph Daytona, and looked into the costs of changing that over.
It consisted of a new speedo, so that the KPMH showed upmore clearly, and a debrideur - not so sure of the spelling, but it was a speed limiter, as the bike was a much more powerful animal than the one we’re selling - I am not sure if the headlamp had to be changed either - it may be that it won’t need doing on the Speedmaster.
Both our bikes were(and are) insured with MMA, and although they have asked for the bikes to be done, when I have checked they have said as far as they are concerned, the bikes are insured - It’s s similar case with our Jaguar, and we use another agent for that - I can send you the link.
I think that if we can agree a deal, May is really only a matter of weeks away, so we are happy to go with your proposition.
We can look at the kit when you come, as it needs to fit of course!
I think if you private message me with figures etc, that would be better than a public horse trade for all to see here!
You need to add Nick and I as a friend to do this of course.
Speak soon.

Dear Helen & Nick,
I am just awaiting some information on the process and costs of changing over the bike from UK to French registration.
From a timing perspective, I am not sure of your requirements, I am currently in New Zealand and do not get to our home in France until mid May for the summer months.
As mentioned we live in the Lot Valley in Dept 46.
Mid May may be too far away for you?
My idea would be if we can agree a deal, I can pay 50% and pay the balance just before collection.
Let me know your thoughts.
Best Regards

That’s quite strange, as I was thinking about that myself. I guess he may well want to sell them.
He has a few good helmets, leathers, all weather gear, boots, but I suppose size will be the key there.
Anyway, our postcode is 79300
We currently have a house a few doors down from ours, so you are very welcome to stay over when you come - and your co-driver/ wife etc.
We are in the Northern Deux Sevres.

Hi Helen,
Thank you.
Can I know your post code as I want to calculate the driving distance and journey time from my place in dept 46 to your house.
Thanks for the info on the cover.
What is your husband doing with his helmet or helmets and any other riding gear or accessories?
Best Regards

I forgot to say that the bike has its “proper” Triumph cover as well.

Here they are at long last!

Hi Peter - here are the photos

I am so sorry Peter, my daughter is not the easiest to pin down - I will get her to do it this evening for you.

Hi Helen,
Were you able to load the photos?
I am still interested.
Best Regards

Hi Peter - I think I will upload the photos tomorrow for you - I am a bit of a dunce on this front, so my daughter will give me hand as she has a half day tomorrow

Hello Peter , yes we will be able to transfer ownership as it is still registered in the UK, but as it has not been used , I have a SORN for it.

I will get the photo’s sorted and posted up tomorrow for you.



Thanks Nick,
I missed this reply, I was away over the weekend at a bike rally on my Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet.
I am interested and it would be great to see some photos when you get your camera sorted.
I am currently in New Zealand where we live half the year with the rest of the ti e in France, that will not delay things, I am arriving in May but we could do the deal in the meantime, I can transfer payment and I can pick the bike up in May when I arrive.
I assume UK ownership can be transferred without a current UK technical certificiate ?
Is it still registered in the UK?
Best Regards

Hi Peter. It’s an 05 , and I have had it from new. It has done 4,200 dry miles since I bought it, and as Helen has explained I haven’t used it for a while. It is still on UK plates, but as the French insurance guys have always been happy to insure it , and there is no control technique for bikes, I have never seen the point in changing it.

I added several features to the bike from Standard when I bought it, with a Triumph king and queen seat , cissy bar and rack , and a sports wind deflector. These were factory fitted and ordered with the bike from new. It has been a great bike to own and ride, and I have to say I will be sad to see it go. It also comes with a factory Triumph bike cover, specifically designed for this model. I also have the original Speedmaster seat to go with it.

It is truly immaculate, so I will be looking for around £3,250 for it. It cost me just under £7,000 new with all the added features.

Once the camera battery has charged itself up, I will take some photos, and put them up here.



Hi there - I will get Nick to come on line and talk to you about it - hang on a few minutes.

Hi Helen,
Just wanted to know if you have any photos, details such as year, milage, registration status and a price re the bike yet?
Best Rwgards

Hello Peter - Nick my husband is home this weekend, so I will sort out the exact details with him, and try and get a photo too.
It’s had very, very little use!
Consequently it is in excellent condition - his brother had a nasty accident last year on a motorbike, and frankly Nick doesn’t want to ride any more.
WIll get back ASAP.

Hi Helen, it would be interesting to see some details.