Trouble with neighbours

Hi, I'm at my wits end wondering how to deal with any advice will be gratefully received....bought our little house just over two years ago and have spent the whole time renovating.....the inside is now finished and we just have the garden left to do.......à young French couple moved next door, are renting the house and we got on well with them.......however...........they began borrowing things, which we didn't mind , and had to keep asking over and over for them back as we needed them ourselves! the meantime, they have acquired nine cats, only one has survived, five French bulldogs, and now have an alsation puppy...............who is very destructive, as puppies normally are!, they keep him outside ,in a tin shed during the night, and whenever they go!out at weekends!., first, we were unable to get much sleep because he was howling and throwing himself at the sides of this tin shed to get out, but he now settles down during the night and we are able to sleep.........the husband works away during the week, so they are out most of the weekend and the pup is locked in the shed, with no window or ventilation..........and the poor dog just goes nuts!!!!!!!... And so very upsetting to have to listen to this for hours on on Monday, I took the bull by the horns and told her!.........only to receive a barrage of abuse, and not to speak to them again!........I told her that if that's what she wanted, it was fine, but could she please return the chainsaw that they had borrowed, over eight weeks ago..We need it to chop a load of wood for the doesn't look as if they have any intention of returning this, so where do I go!from here?..........

Yes, that problem was resolved! Now......I'm feeding their cat! Who's been put out as he's deemed able to fend for himself!......poor little thing.....started out by him sneaking in and pinching our dogs food! The dog has been brought up with cats, thankfully, and isn't phased by I've been buying cat food .......and the poor thing is here waiting for food every morning and evening! its getting colder, and I'm going back to Wales next week for six weeks, I'm worrying about him!........why was I born so soft? animal lover at heart......I know I will be thinking about him.

You are too kind.

ditto to Tobias Pierrepoint's comment! Good luck...

Thanks all for your replies........

The situation has now been resolved.........without my having to go to any authorities........the puppy has been sold, and gone to a good home........the chainsaw was returned .........and although our neighbours still seem to be annoyed with us, they do reply when we say good morning!!!! Lol...........

Bonjour Dolores

Sorry to hear that you have such rude and difficult neighbours!

In France, unfortunately, that's a frequent issue.

My best advice would be to talk to your City Hall people (Mairie) and mention the fact that they are difficult with you.

If they don't listen, you can talk to the Police/Gendarmerie, explaining that they kept your chainsaw despite the fact that you did request it back. If they come to visit them, they may see how bad they treat their pets and may raise a warning.

If they are noisy and if the smell of their various activities are a problem for you, please note that you can record an official complaint through the web-site Service

That's in French but in case of noise pollution and olfactory pollution, definitely the best way to inform the Authorities.

Finally, in case the Gendarmerie/Police would not show up, please inform a local association of protection of animals/pets such as local SPA.

I hope my information have brought a bit of comfort :(

ALL the best


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Sure you need to bring the situation to the attention of SPA. But if you want to get the things back you borrowed, you better make sure you get this done first. And from then on you are just nice and polite. If you try reconciliation and this romantic things your words will most likely being twisted so there is nothing much you can do.

I have just found this thread and am glad to hear things have improved. There are neighbours here who don't want to sterilise their cats and still drown kittens which, to me, is like the 1920's in the UK. These neighbours should join a dog club to educate the dog but probably won't spend the money on the adhesion.

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Wonderful Dolores, thanks for letting us know. That has certainly put a smile on my face this morning :)

Thank you everyone, for taking time to reply so quickly.......much appreciated.......and many replies have certainly answered why there has been such a sudden change in behaviour by my neighbours!!!!!

I am happy to say that our chain saw has been returned! But even happier to report that the pup has NOT been put in ,or left in the shed since!!!!!! After much swearing, shouting and obvious annoyance, (by the neighbours, not myself!)at being told they were being barbaric, I seem to think that they must be aware that I would be able to have taken things a lot further than just telling them! ...As well as allowing him inside during the night, he's also been allowed to run loose in the garden, withôut the shock collar!!!!.....hes a beautiful alsàtion/malmut cross,with loads of energy and a huge personality!......its made me feel so much happier, knowing that what I did is giving him a better life.....what was even stranger, was that they didn't go out at all on Friday or saturday and leave him!.....when they went out on Sunday, he was left inside the house with the other five dogs.

So, result!.....I intend to keep an eye out to make sure they keep this up! If not, I will certainly take and act on the advice that's been given on here. Thank you all again.

I've just found this discussion. Dolores, have you acted any of the advice posted yet? Please do post an update..! If not, you must take immediate action (if you haven't already) to help this poor dog. If he's still alive, it's only a matter of time before he expires - a tin shed in this heat, for God's sake! These savages are torturing him to madness and/or death right in front of you!! If you haven't had any joy with the numerous suggestions here, please contact Phoenix Animal Rescue, based in the Dordogne, for urgent advice ( Speak to Richard or Sheila Johnson (05 53 54 94 81). They are very experienced and dedicated, but extremely busy. You may have to leave a message, but they will always call back as soon as possible. Depending on where you are, they may even arrive and rescue him from his hell themselves, or send someone who is nearer to you... I understand that you want your possessions back, but please prioritise this defenceless pup before it's too late! If you have absolutely no joy with any of it, tell me where they are and I will come and take him myself and find him a lovely family. But please do let people know what's happening...

Go to the DDPP.

Get a constat d'huissier if need be.

Ian, there is only a syndic if you live in a copropriété - talking to the landlord will be pointless as landlords don't have many rights in France and are very reluctant to get on the wrong side of tenants in case they stop paying rent and can't be moved on.


You did the right thing by first approaching her thats the first step.Now if this continues with the dog etc then you must approach the landlord.Tell him your that you spoke to the tenant,He must do something about this and make sure you tell him ,that if he does not you will call the police,I think she is breaking the law by keeping the dog locked up in the shed over the weekends,Then a a last resort you get the syndique involved(sorry about the spelling)and they have to act,

Just kill them bury them in the garden adopt the dogs yourselves…failing that go to the police and make a porte plante (not sure of the spelling)…that worked for me I had a nightmare old bloke …after the police …nothing not a peep…

Oh, oh, how I relate to this story, the borrowing, the abuse whenever a correction is proferred. The cruelty to animals indicates a very serious pschological profile. Our neighbors let many cats hang around, and when kittens were born gleefully showed the tiny kids how to drown them and in one case batter them against walls. Those kids are now violent tyrants who sell drugs and terrorize the area.

This is where murders happen, I.e Chevaline, Le grand Bornard, Duignt.

Ask a cop to retrieve your chainsaw, or you maybe a victim. Our cop never helped, but then he was hiding illegal armaments under his lawn - cahoots, if you get my drift. We woke up one night to sounds of our trees being dismembered by out own electric saw.

Do not say move. I’ve worked were savages live before. Giving in, giving up does no good.

But, dare I ask, would you forgive them?

Yes and no. Reasons are for another post.

Sorry to hear about your problem. Yes definitely contact the Mairie (a situation in our village was dealt with like this) and the SPA..and police (as others have mentioned). I would start with the Mairie. This is very upsetting. That poor little dog, he must be going totally insane. They do not deserve to have animals. I am nearly crying, it makes me sick to hear this sort of thing. The very best of luck! Let us know how you get on. I really want to hear a happy ending for this poor doggy.

agree with the other posts, do go to your marie and ask for help on this one, they MUST return your chainsaw, (I would get it serviced when you get it back to check for any damage) and if they have so many animals it maybe against their lease and your marie can help here. Good luck!

This might be useful information:

Ce que dit la loi sur la maltraitance d’animaux

Depuis le mois de janvier, les animaux sont officiellement reconnus par le Parlement comme étant des « êtres sensibles » et ne sont plus simplement considérés pour leur valeur marchande et patrimoniale.
D’après le site du ministère de l’Agriculture, sont appelés « mauvais traitements envers les animaux » tant les violences physiques (coups, blessures) que les situations de privation (nourriture, eau) ou de négligence (absence d’entretien ou de soins) préjudiciable à l’animal. Le code pénal distingue quatre niveaux : Les mauvais traitements, les atteintes involontaires envers la vie des animaux, les atteintes volontaires et enfin les actes de cruauté et l’abandon. La dernière catégorie constitue un délit et est passible de deux ans d’emprisonnement et de 30 000 euros d’amende.
Sur le terrain, l’organisme habilité pour intervenir est la DDPP (Direction Départementale en charge de la Protection des Populations) qui comprend les anciens services vétérinaires, mais aussi la police et la gendarmerie qui peuvent être saisis directement d’une plainte.

So get in touch with the DDPP as it comprises not only the vet services but also police/gendarmerie.

A bit of an aside from the original post, and please correct me if I am wrong but I think that if someone borrows your equipment and they have an accident with it, the owner can be held responsible.

You need to file an official complaint at the police station (and don't take "no " for an answer), put everything down and be really insistent. With your copy of the "plainte" go to the mairie and ask for the contact details of all the animal charities in your area and get in touch with them.

The owner of the property will also need to be informed, however, he won't be able to evict them if you don't go to the police!

Good luck and hang on in there!!