Trump backs his Russian pals

Is he getting worse… is it possible, even… :wink:


Thats probably part, of the price ‘it’ paid, for the help, getting elected :thinking:

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A plausible theory… :wink:

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Is he getting worse?
And Yes, it probably is :wink:

Could be a ploy to take their minds off his trade tariffs.

I think he’s brilliant, no one knows what he will do or say next which makes it very hard for ‘difficult’ countries such as Russia, China, Iran or N Korea to take a tough stance against him or the US. No other world leader has got close to getting NK to negotiate on it’s nuclear capability so why not consider him for the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama got one for killing Osma-Bin-Laden?


Some analysis of Trump and the summit here:

Unfortunately the Republicans and Americans that voted for him are lapping it up.

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Americans are insular by nature and with the US economy booming etc why should the average Joe care what happens in the rest of the world?

To be fair I breathed a sigh of temporary relief when he “won” the election as I think we would already be in the midst of WW3 had hiliary got in…his executive order about human rights abuse gave me cause to feel optimistic but then his decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem made me feel he’s just another puppet… had to laugh at this though… x :slight_smile:

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He negotiates through obfuscation and brinkmanship. There’s no place for that crap in my world.

Unhappily I agree with Tim (not because its you, Tim :)) Its all done with a local, US agenda. No world-view at all. Depressing.

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Whatever people say about Donald the fact that the US president is meeting the president of NK to discuss denuclearisation is something that should be applauded.

As for the G7 nonsense it’s time to scrap these meetings which don’t seem to achieve anything.

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If his acts have any lasting effect than you are absolutely right, Tim. Unfortunately I spent far too long negotiating with people like Trump who’s man contribution was to roll a hand grenade into the discussion then run away.

Finalising a lasting consensus is a far harder task and one I doubt very much he has the aptitude for.

I’ve no doubt any real change will take years but he’s going to milk this for all it’s worth and who would now bet against him getting a second term?

He’ll get a 2nd term, I would think (unless impeached, of course) - his approval ratings with the Republicans are very high.

The time to panic is if he tries to change the 2 term limit.

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Well really impressive result ‘it’ has achieved, a bit like Munich, I fear. :unamused: