Trump Reeks

Latest revelations reveal, again, a ‘specimen’ worthy of absolutely, no respect whatsoever.
How ‘It’ is, where It is, must be a testament to the power of money over virtue.

There’s a three part series on Trump and his supporters starting Sunday on BBC2 fronted by Ed Balls, should be a good watch. Perhaps we can discuss it on Monday as I can see you are a fan?:grinning:

No Telly Tim :slightly_smiling_face:

Not into toilet humour myself…

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Looks like he may be starting to try to airbrush history.

I’ve said it before (not here, until now) 1984 was a bloody warning, not a manual.

‘It’ is Obscene !

Donny’s had a good week, sensible trade tarif talks with the EU and the repatriation of the remains of US Korean war soldiers for which he politely thanked his buddy Kim. See I knew he was an okay guy really, the shi**y stuff is just a front.:grinning:

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Hummmm? :thinking: