Trump State Visit

Clear why no date set for Trump visit

James Landale
Diplomatic correspondent
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The understanding was that the Trump state visit would be this year, but as yet there’s no date.

And there’s a very good reason for no date being set. The White House is concerned there could be significant demonstrations and they could be embarrassing for both countries.

One possible protest being discussed was encouraging as many people as possible to bare their bottoms - ‘Show your rump to Trump’ - as he arrived.

Downing Street was understandably worried that a reception like that could be bad for US-UK relations.

Hopefully the protesters will also be suffering from excessive flatulence when they greet him…


That was a real ‘laugh out loud’ moment - thanks Chris! :slight_smile:

Who cares?

People who are concerned about democracy and the proper exercise of power. Like me.

Not sure I really understand your comment Jane. If the UK public don’t want the likes of Trump visiting then they should also protest every time the King of SA or the President of China comes to stay.

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How does it affect you Jane living in France? America voted him in as president just like the UK voted for Brexit, that’s democracy.

I’m not against that.
Prince Charles was unavailable when the President of China came visiting.