Trump Trumps Trump

It’s happened again! Freezing up.

It does appear that he is having trouble with forming his speech and thought making.
Not a good frontman for the Republicans.

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This looks like good news to me. Hope it is!

Aged leaders is a problem. Remember how long it took the US government to deal with a president who, it was obvious to most despite their efforts, had advancing Alzheimer’s.

To our intensifying discussion about whether President Biden has grown mentally fuzzy and too old for a second term, I’d like to add this question: How would we even notice Donald Trump’s lapse into incoherence, when derangement is essentially his brand?

Pretty much any interview he gives is a babble bonanza, and his recent lovefest with Tucker Carlson was no exception. He went on wacky tangents, including one about the wages of building the Panama Canal: “We lost 35,000 people to the mosquito. Malaria. We lost 35,000 people. We lost 35,000 people because of the mosquito. Vicious. They had to build under nets. It was one of the true great wonders of the world.”

“One of the nine wonders,” he added, then corrected himself. “No, no, it was one of the seven.” Seven, nine – he seemed unable to decide, unwilling to commit. “You could make nine wonders,” he ventured. I guess that’s some limit. Once you hit 10, they’re just curiosities. Wonder-ettes.

But was there a bevy of headlines about a brain ravaged by time? Were there notations that Trump, at 77, was already as old as Ronald Reagan at the end of his presidency, and that after another four years in the White House, Trump would be a touch older than Biden at the end of his first term and thus the oldest president ever?

The article continues to list, somewhat amusingly, how cleverly managed is Trump’s image to conceal and deflect attention away from his age, just three years younger than Biden, while the media focusses on painting Biden as one step away from doddery.

Hopefully, the US electorate will see as this NYT writer ends his report:

I happen to think that Democrats would be safer with a nominee who’s younger than Biden is and radiates more energy than he does. But I believe at least as strongly that if the unideal choice before Americans winds up being Biden, with his imperfections, or Trump, with his , rejecting Biden because of how old he has grown isn’t a grown-up decision.

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Trumps getting increasingly confused himself. He didn’t seem to know that WW2 had happened, and talked about him beating Obama in the 2016 election :open_mouth:


Obviously Republican voters are just as confused as Trump if they can’t see what is blatantly obvious.

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Seems clear but not to his supporters who are more inclined towards believing in myths and political spin.

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I wonder if he’s working on a “mentally unfit” defence?

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Well, in that case do all charged along with him have to do the same?

They are mad enough to have followed him…

That would be an interesting and unusual challenge for the US constitution if a court found him mentally unfit to face charges or trial. AFAIK, the 25th amendment can be used to remove a president from office due to mental incapacity, but can it be used to stop them becoming president in the first place ? Could the US population elect a president that has been declared mentally unfit ?

My suggestion was somewhat tongue in cheek - I think Trump’s game plan is to get elected then quash the prosecutions and/or pardon himself.

It is clear that he is unfit to serve and would be, as this article puts it “America’s Mussolini”.

I understand that if someone is pardoned, they have to admit to being guilty.
As Trump has made his case that all of this is just politically motivated and he had done absolutely wrong, he will have to admit to lying to all his supporters.

Trump (DJ) and other members of his family have been found guilty of business fraud on summary judgment in the New York fraud trial. His business licenses have also been rescinded which means that he can no longer control any part of his business empire. Receivers will have to be appointed and his business assets will apparently be sold as they no longer are part of an operating company. He is of course appealing the decision but most observers seem to think his only hope is a technicality or a stupid mistake from the Judge. I assume the actions of the court will be suspended until after appeal, but he won’t be able to try to convert or transfer assets as an overseer has been appointed.

He seems to think that because he paid back the loans and nobody was financially hurt, it was OK to lie.
I don’t think that signing a legal documents with his lenders and then ignoring the terms is the best way to do business and now it is coming back to bite him.
He has always thought that the law doesn’t apply to him, now he will find out that it does.

That was actually one of the arguments put forward by his legal team to try to dismiss the case, that whatever he had done nobody was harmed and there was no case to answer.
Unfortunately for his legal team, after that theory had been dismissed by the judge once, they made the identical argument in a second submission to the court, and so he sanctioned the legal team.


Yes, I read that too. Warning to anyone who takes instructions from Trump.

Joe Biden has at last started speaking out in very strong words about the danger Donald Trump and his MAGA adherents make to democracy in the USA.
All power to his elbow,

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Interesting thread on Twitter

If half of this lot follow through and testify against Trump one hopes that he will, indeed, be Trumped.


Nobody wants to be tainted by this extreme crime.
No wonder they are all looking to save their skins.