Try something different

Last week was our 7th wedding anniversary. Usually I treat my better half to a half decent present on the theme of the anniversary year. 7 is Copper so other than hiring a singing policeman I struggled to find something suitable. In the end I sported him some copper plant identification tags which yiu can write on for use in our garden (by which time we'll probably have lost them having moved house numerous times whilst trying to renovate our next proper family home).

So the main present was actually a meal out - on our own without the kids (obviously Maisy doesn't count as she's a baby so she came too). My mum came down & we got the girls ready for bed ready for when he came home from work.

At this point I had to tell him we were going out (otherwise the awful black jogging pants & dodgy old t-shirt would have been adorned).

We didn't go far, just downstairs to the steak restaurant Goodmans which is below the apartment building in Canary Wharf. Other half doesn't like leaving the girls (particulary Jasmine) after the previous year (if you've followed my blog for a while you'll remember the Dublin days and my pursuant op following Izzy's birth).

On arrival they'd reserved us a table right in the middle of all the suited and booted - not really our style with our bundle of trouble onboard so we asked for a quiet corner away from everyone. We were delighted when they offered the private dining room...perfect!

So our evening was set to be great, restaurant food, waiter service and in the privacy & relaxed environment of our own personal dining room.

Part of the experience at Goodmans is the open view nature of their meat fridge, you can see all their meat ageing on display in a glass fridge - you can choose origin, cut, age & you pay accordingly & by weight. We like to share which not only is it more economic but convivial too.

The waiter brings you a plate of huge hunks of raw meat to explain all the cuts and varieties. We already knew the ropes so as a treat ordered the fillet. We would rarely order steak out as to be fair I can cook it exactly how we all like it at home for a quarter of the price, but this was a treat.

I had tempura prawns with lime and avocado guacamole to start, followed by us sharing our 400g fillet - it's the style of the restaurant to share - they bring a big slab of meat over to you, sliced and presented perfectly.

So for the wine, french - no! Why order french when we drink that all the time at home, in fact it's hard to find any decent non-french wine where we live in France, part of protecting the regional interest. I'm not saying I want cheap Australian imports or Chilian barrel scrapings but the odd unusual option would be fun to share with our french friends.

So we ordered...wait for it....Lebanese. Chateau Musar 2001 to be precise, it was delicious. Like a teenage bordeaux, fruity, long & delicious. The treat was mostly devoured by Mr Fitz as I'm still the sole provider for Maisy but let's just say she slept well so I assume she enjoyed it too.

With our elder 2 snoozing peacefully upstairs - by now so was Grandma, we ventured onto the dessert menu. For me, it is always a struggle to pass by the Chocolate was amazing with a secret chocolate ball hidden in the middle which once cracked oozed salty caramel...heaven!

Enfin, a little decaf and the bill. Bread & Jam for a week after that but it was worth it for our first meal out sans enfants in almost 2 years.

The main memory of our evening will be our little chats, enthused about our future house & web projects we intend to undertake together, although the chateau Musar will be remembered fondly too.

So, bored with the same wine? Try something different you might be pleasantly surprised!