Trying to get my S1 - anybody else retired since January

Morning All

I reached my retirement date on the 2nd Jan 2021.

Everything has gone well, except getting my S1.

I contacted the Overseas Health Service on the 7th Jan and was told my S1 would be issued and I should receive it in 3 weeks. No problem.

By the 29th Jan I had not received it, so I contacted OHS again, only to be told it had been issued and contact them again in another 2 weeks if I had not received it.

Having not received it, I have just contacted them again today 15th Feb, to be told it had not been issued, they could not say why I had been told it had, and that they would re-issue the form. I asked if it could be sent by e-mail and was informed that it can only be sent by post.

I now have another 3 week wait, in anticipation of receiving my form.

Has anybody out there retired since Jan, and is this normal.

I am very concerned as all the other aspects of my retirement and pension have been dealt with in a very efficient and professional manner.

Have a good day


My understanding is that there are a few people who’ve had to chase theirs too, fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky for you! They are hugely busy with all the people trying to regularise themselves in the EU and organise thier S1s, so many just been playing the ‘It’s my just 10 month a year holiday house why would I need to be in the health / tax system’!


Our experience is that the staff are honest, so if there’s a problem they will tell you.

As well as a deluge of S1 applications for newly minted French residents they have a deluge of application for the post Brexit EHIC. So don’t worry, but try not to get sick in next few weeks!

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That’s the advice I’ve had re waiting for my C.V. to turn up!

Having been told repeatedly by J.J, T.A. and others that a copy of my S1 will cut it, both with health service and CdS application, I’m slowly coming round to believing it.

As for the office in Newcastle, I think they’re brilliant. I’m on my 2nd S1 now, having had one for Spain, 3 years ago. Both forms easily beat the forecast arrival time. A duplicate of my France one was offered without me asking for it. The covering letter was dated same day as the phone call and the S1 arrived exactly 7 days later.

Any delay or glitch must be due to the immense height of their in-tray.

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Hi there,

the proverbial S1 in the post, I’ve done to death in my ducks not quacking thread, including via considerations of whether to get private healthcover in the meantime and what mutuelles to get if and when it arrives - which is has.

You must be waiting on the DWP - mine was with HMRC. As the cap’n @captainendeavour indicated, he got his two quite quickly. If you read the whole thread, you’ll see all the various strategies including complaints. And note all, the Ameli lady at the english helpline said refundable charges would re-imbursed from the start date on the form - not when it arrives. So go ahead and be as sick as you want! (but maybe have the big credit card to hand…)

Hope that helps.

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Today life in France has emulated the old way with London buses - nothing for ages then two things come along at once.

1] GB plates in the poubelle - I don’t think that acrylic is recyclable. On with the new - Manche [50]

2] A bunch of papers from AMELI. Tells me I am now afflié à un régime d’assurance maladie but no card. … :thinking:

from 02/12/20 to 17/02/21.

So that’s all right then!


Well once you get to full house - new CdS, new WA EHIC, new CV and credit for Spanish driving licence - then you can call bingo and get the naff cuddly toy.

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Has your Doc completed the cerfa form ?? :thinking:

First find the doc - they’re a little sparse in that departement ,

See Angela Railton’s comment.

AKA Doc? What Doc? Cerfa form is as virgin as it was run off.

And why do you ask? What’s behind or beyond that process?

I asked mine host Gilles about docs. He declared he can’t be doing with doctors, keeps changing.

Noting that you are gathering all your bits about you… I simply looked at the photo you posted. It shows the cerfa form… but I can’t see if it’s completed or not…
hence I asked the question…

If you can’t or don’t want to choose a Doctor… fair enough…

there is nothing sinister in my question… :roll_eyes: honestly

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The reason I asked - not thinking anything sinister - is that maybe it should have been written up and if so, with what, by whom and what then?

Eh!? Unfortunately? Una grua, in Spanish, is the crane-truck that takes your car to jankers. Why is not having them ‘unfortunate’?

Mind you, I was thunderstruck once to see una grua put a car back in it’s parking bay when the distraught driver persuaded the crew that she had been running all round Plaza Mayor looking for somewhere to break a note to feed the meter. They pointed to a bank 50 m away …

If you do visit a Doc and he/she agrees to be “your” Doc… they will complete the form and then you send it back to CPAM… and I think there is then a financial advantage re consultancy charges… but can’t quite recall

You will pay more, generally for treatment if you don’t find a doc and register him/her as your “Medecin Traitant” - I think that’s probably why Stella was asking…
Also, when you see a specialist or go to a hospital they always ask for the name of your MT!


I’m off to check on the grue situation…

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Don’t think we have them here, unfortunately…

Which of these ? * crane - * hoist,* tart,* hooker,* drab. No mention of birds in Google translate until you reverse the translation to Fr > Eng

crane - the beautiful birds

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Yes they are. I wonder how come the French also use the word to describe tarts and hookers? The way they mince about? Perhaps V.L. can explain.

I sent you an email explaining what to do with it!