Trying to make my dec. on L'auto-entrepreneur

Hey SFN family,

I have been trying to make my declaration trimestrielle online today but I get this message.

'Affichage de la déclaration impossible'. Is anyone else having trouble? I will be going to the wire tomorrow as it is due date, I believe.

Thanks for any advice ;)

Have a great Sunday everyone.

I declare in January, April, July and October but have never found such a message on net enterprises although having declared that way since about the second quarter of electronic payments when they began have often encountered the site down for some reason or another. They have never put out a warning or message saying what is going on but being prudent, despite having time spare, I called URSSAF and was told maintenance, upgrading and such things. When I said perhaps an announcement might be useful I had no comment back. As for being late, my OH has been habitually late on paper and now electronically, up to two weeks a couple of times, with no consequences other than a rebuke for lateness on one occasion.

There is usually a message saying that you cannot declare until 1st March, certainly that was the case last year

Well said Brian!

Too right. Given that at about 15 seconds into the first of a month every quarter the URSSAF message that it is time to cough up appears, there is a high risk (certainly in my case) of it being lost in my inbox by late in the month. So I do it almost immediately. However, the punchline is that they do not extract my precious groats from the bank until just after the last day of the month, so as long as I have the right amount in by then it really does not matter when I declare. I would recommend that to everybody in order to avoid these inbuilt bear traps in electronic dealings.

and this morning all is well and the site is up and running :) Did my declaration.

Note to self - don't leave it 'til the last minute in future!!

I can't even get to that part Brian.

I almost did it on Friday (when it was working fine) but something came up and I put it off.

I've had no luck all weekend and have taken screenshot - will just have to see what happens.

Typical! I probably speak for others when I say, I keep my fingers crossed it goes through online because I don't want to make a phone call asking what the problem is.I speak French OK face to face but it is a different ball game on the phone! Good practice though.

Mind you, I was looking at my account having paid last month so not on the same part of the site. Down for maintenance over the weekend as like as not but with the customary lack of warning or apology.

Have you managed to do it yet Bil?

It is so frustrating. Why can't they just have a decent server and website? :)

If you can't do it, Helen suggested taking a screen shot for proof you have tried to make the declaration.

Anyway, good luck!

Same link as I use. It looks fine until I click 'Acceder a la declaration' then it gives me ''Affichage de la déclaration impossible'

Just looked again. Net enterprises is working fine. I even connected using the link I gave above.

My declarations go to URSSAF and I've never had a problem with the online system until now.....

I couldn't get on yesterday or this morning!

Interesting to hear that some people have managed it this morning - I'll keep trying!

Just had a look at my 'account' (I paid last month in my case) on and it worked perfectly well. As I know from my OH who wanted to revert to paper, they are trying to go 100% electronic and do not want to let people revert back.

Oh Helen, you are wonderful. Thank you so much. I did indeed manage to do it this morning. I think I will go back to the old fashioned way of real paper and the post!

Thank you for the advice.

Kindest regards Marie

yes lots of people are having problems with the site at the moment - if it doesn't work tomorrow take a screen shot of the message as proof just in case and call rsi on Monday to tell them the site is down

For future reference attached is a blank copy of the paper declaration just in case. Personally I don't trust the online delaration as when I did declare my first time online rsi never had any trace of it