Trying to register with a doctor

We have discovered that our doctor has moved 25k from us and her replacement isn’t accepting new registrations. OH has phoned 6 more so far and gets the same response. No recommendations either. As far as we know CPAM doesn’t reimburse fully if you aren’t properly registered. Anyone else had this problem?

presumably. you are still registered with the MT who has moved then?
If that’s the case, as you aren’t tied to a MT, you can presumably still obtain consultations from the replacement without actually being « on his/her books »:thinking:

Yes we understand that there’s nothing stopping us seeing her replacement but are concerned that we wouldn’t be fully reimbursed if not properly registered. Or are we miss understanding the situation?

have you de-registered with the original MT then?

No Graham, does that make a difference?
Edit…I see what you are saying, so better check she hasn’t removed us!

I can only think so… you are (technically at least) still registered to a MT - it’s just one who now has a surgery 25k away.

I guess you could speak to the CPAM English speaking helpline to get some further info and guidance on this.

I think the number is 09 74 75 36 46

Good idea, will try that. Thanks.

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Be useful to know the result for reference by anyone else with the same issue…

Yes, will post an update when I have News. We will check that we are still registered with the original doctor first.

Kill 2 birds with one stone… CPAM will tell you who you are registered with… :thinking:

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So, we are still registered with the original doctor but if we see a different doctor locally then we would only be reimbursed 30% unless they agreed to being a medicin remplacement. Not sure how common that is.

:thinking: Does that mean you don’t have to be registered with the new one - only have them agree to be the remplacement?
That might work… Do you have a mutuelle?

That’s how I understand it. Until we need to see a doctor we won’t find out! Yes we have a mutuelle.

Not sure the mutuelle would pick up the slack. You would also need to check that.

For somethings if you are not in the “parcours suivi” it’s not that the state reimburses a lower percentage so mutuelle can pick up rest, but that the actual price is higher. So mutuelle would only cover up to 100% (say) of the lower price which is the state “base de remboursement”.

Is 25km that far to go to a doctors as a short term thing? Ours is 15km away and we can usually combine visit to doctors with something else (and my specialists are 40 and 150km away). Can you ask if any of the more local doctors would put you on a waiting list for registration and just hold on until a place comes free?

I am surprised that the new Doc hasn’t simply taken over the List…

Indeed, what makes you think this hasn’t happened.

Are all the other members of the List being refused by this new Doc ???

surely you can speak with the Receptionist and ask the question ???

I think @smw makes a valid point.
I can see how, if the MT retires completely from practice how that might impact matters but is the practice the MT or is the MT the practice :thinking:

It’s not like in UK, unless a centre de santé that has had public funds, the practice belongs to the doctor and they can do what they like. So a new doctor can decide only to take half the number of patients for example.

I don’t know if he took over the list but we are not on it because we’ve asked the receptionist. Unfortunately it is six months since our old doctor left but we have only just found out after a chance conversation with a neighbour.

No it’s not too far to go at all. We just didn’t realise how difficult it would be to find a new local one.
Will definitely ask if they have a waiting list though.

I have to say that seems pretty unreasonable.

Not taking patients on the old list is one thing - there might have been too many for safety by modern standards of care.

But not letting those who have been delisted know is simply not acceptable. What if you needed semi-urgent treatment or review?

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Good heavens 6 months… mmm… maybe that’s it… if you are only a now and then sort of patient.

Honestly, I can’t see a MT making elderly/infirm patients go the 25km just because he has decided to change his place of work… and he wouldn’t be making house-calls on folk who are 25km… much too far I would have thought.

We signed on with our excellent MT some 20 years ago… he’s grown his List since then and changed buildings… but all within the same town.

We chose him since he spoke a little English, but he made it clear we were outside his “distance” for house-calls.

We’ve stayed with him and received nothing but the best of care.
We share a passion for cars and his English and our French have come on by leaps and bounds… :hugs: