Trying to send email from outlook - error message from orange - any suggestions please?

I have Outlook on my computer for my emails and an Orange email address. I have been sending emails this morning, no problems. Now, suddenly, a very simple email (20 words) is sitting in my outbox and won’t go. Incoming mail is fine. I have tried rebooting my computer. Still happening. This is the error message from Orange:
“mwinf5d21 ME Trop de connexions, veuillez verifier votre configuration. Too many connections, slow down. OFR102_104”
Any help / suggestions much appreciated, please.

Seems to be an old recurring problem which goes away on its own by all accounts.
My orange email is working fine (if that helps). Do you have other email accounts you can use in the meantime?

I had heck and all trouble with my laposte email account. Wouldn’t let me send anything, time after time… kept saying it couldn’t…

I left it alone for a day and when I went back in - it all went through without a hitch.

No idea what that was about, but I do know how frustrating it is.

Thankfully I also have email with google - so I am never absolutely adrift.

Thanks both of you. Yes, Stella I too have a google account. Frustrating though as I’m just trying to say thank you for an earlier response to my even earlier email.

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@SuePJ I haven’t tried this but I would have thought it was possible to redirect emails from one account to another (ie from Orange to gmail).
Looking at Thunderbird (which is what I use as my email client), I see that I can set message filters which could apply to any incoming mail. You can probably set the same facility from with the Oragemail webapp by logging in to your account at
Within Outlook you would be able to indicate any reply coming from your Orange account as opposed to from your gmail account by making the appropriate selection.

“Seems to be an old recurring problem which goes away on its own by all accounts.” says @graham and I had it too with my sends and it did go away itself after a few irritating weeks :angry:

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A few irritating WEEKS!!!

Update - and touching wood - looks like it has cleared overnight. :grin:
Thanks for the reassurance everyone so I didn’t panic!


I am fairly phlegmatic by nature, and have other email servers I can use. Fortunately I was able to receive messages via orange, so I wasn’t too discombobulated, as all the other orange services worked faultlessly 珞

Do hope dear old orange pulls herself together for you soon! 

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