Tupperware Party Frenchstyle

My cupboards are full of Tupperware acquired probably 40 years ago in the UK… so I was not keen to accept a recent invitation.

However, I was gently “browbeaten” into going and it was actually quite fun to see how Tupperware has evolved in the 21st century…

Drinks and nibbles were passed around… as each TWare Item was displayed and discussed by the TWare lady. What with her strong Marseillaise accent and my English accent… we had folk chuckling as we strove to understand one another… but we got there in the end.

Our Hostess forced us to clean our plates…then came the next course, then the main course, then the desserts… and finally the carrot cake we had prepared earlier, using the Tupperware kit…!!

Got home around midnight tiddly and stuffed…!

Phew… I don’t remember UK Tupperware parties being quite like that… :thinking::grin::grin::grin:

Vive la France :star_struck:


Ah…but what did you come home with??

:grin::grin: I had to be really firm with myself… I finally allowed myself to buy a large round cake/quiche/flan box with carrying handle… for which I do have a definite need… :laughing::wink::relaxed:

I bought the same thing and the handle slipped and the box dropped and cracked.
I still use it for taking things to Quartier picnics etc.
It wasn’t cheap though.

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Rotten luck Jane… I’ll have to keep an eye on mine. Such a useful size…