TV Changeover

(Debbie Kibble) #1

Is everyone ready for the changeover on Tuesday 19th October ???

I hope I am as was supposedly leaving it in the hands of a capable French DIY but he’s leaving it to the last minute…typical (of most men that is and not just Frenchmen !)

Does it mean that the TVs I have bought in the last 2 years are now redundant if they are not TNT ready ? Or can one just add a Recepteur numerique which I understand should not cost more than 40euros…is that right ???
Where do we dispose of all the old televisions - our local dechetterie ?

It’s just that if the worst comes to the worst, I may have to step in and do it myself.

Perhaps someone could explain what needs to be done in the most simplest

of terms for those of us who feel that technology is passing them by

with all the constant changes… I used to understand telephones,

cameras, etc, and now I feel I am getting completely lost. I believe that a lot of the excitement of photos has gone - remember when you went on holiday and it was like living the experience all over again when you waited a week for your photos to be developed…or the wedding photos, etc…now everything is so instant and the excitement has gone plus what do you do with all those photos ? I still love to put them in an album and flick through memory lane occassionally without seeing them flash by on an ever moving photo-frame. Perhaps I will always be an old-fashioned girl !!

ALSO I have a TV in my main sitting room which receives some free English channels via an Optex box and satelitte dish but is it possible to receive both French and English programmes on this ?

Plus I have a TV in the Gite which only receives French programmes and has a separate antaenne in the loft but again would like it to receive both French and English channels.

Does the TV licence on our Taxe Fonciere cover any number of TV’s ?

Can anyone recommend a genuine and inexpensive TV/Computer expert in the Deux Sevres, Nr Niort area ?


(Claire OWEN) #2

As far as I am aware the TV licence in france only covers personal use so the Tv in your Gite should have a public usage licence.

I run a camping and was inspected last year to see how many TV’s had public access! None, was the answer not even in our mobile homes we just don’t put them in. The inspector did have to look everywhere and commented that unless I kept the door shut between my house and office that our own Tv could count as public acess as it could just be seen if someone was standing in the office cranning their neck down the corridor!!!