TV Crew

I have a TV crew wanting to film me [professionally] destroying an Asian hornet nest in a rural area on 17 or 18 August. They would also like to talk to somebody who has had bee hives destroyed by Asian hornets. Not wasps, European hornets, fungi, etc. Only AF!

If they drive, they will stay with me in the Cher (18) so Allier (03) or Creuse (23) would be good.

If they fly, it will be to Limoges so anywhere near Limoges would be good.

Please let me know (pm if you like) if you have an Asian hornet nest in the above areas, and I'll come and destroy it for you.

Please only respond if you think you fit the criteria.

PS personally I'm not so sure on their angle, as there are lots of things that can kill bee hives.

PPS after filming I'll let you know which programme it's going out on, and when!



I will be on the One Show tonight, 2 October 20h00 CET+1

I've been informed that all the editing and voice-over has been done and that the short film will be on The One Show "soon". I don't know more than that, but they say it's a topical article so it'll go out sooner, rather than waiting the usual 9 months.

Filming was done near Ribérac, Apremont sur Allier et chez moi, with Mike Dilger.

Well done to the director who got a bee sting on his eyelid during the first shoot, so only saw half of the action!

I'll post a link to the article after it's been aired.

Thanks again to those offering to help.


Aunty has been and gone. We filmed in the Dordogne and Cher, got some great shots of Asian Hornets picking off bees at a beehive.

Editing etc will take a few weeks, to remove the rude out-cuts! I will announce the programme and when it's likely to go out...they reckon in about 6 weeks.

What a palava though, 2 and a half days filming for 5 minutes of fame.

Incidentally, they found my details from SFN when I gave replied to an asian hornet question. It's amazing what researchers research. Well done SFN!



Yes, Brittany is a bit far. They'll be staying in the Cher, so the Limousin is out also.

I'll post the programme when I'm allowed to!


Thanks to all for your replies.

Sorted I think. I've asked for autographs if they become famous, lol.

Our hunter here is a ex-commando of some kind. A using tracers rather than conventional ammunition, he is apparently using rounds that are made with a hollow base. That is filled with a pyrotechnic material, in this case made of either phosphorus or magnesium. The phosphorus base rounds slowdown on impact, stick and tend to poison the hornets as well as set fire to the nest. The magnesium rounds are similar but simply so hot that by the time they lodge in a nest it is in flames. He reckons to put a single shot in or forget it. As he says, a single clean shot is all you can afford to do. The idiots who fire a salvo that simply smashes the nest deserve a round in the seat of their pants, to translate what he more or less says. So far the reports are that it works, at least no disasters reported thus far. However, since tracers are military ammo I wonder if what he is using is legal. I shall not ask, I think I know where to toe the line if I want our supply of venison and occasional boar next season!

What about the scandal that hit the news (SudOuest) when the Mairie of Belvès asked the chasse to shoot a nest out of a tree, dispersing possible queens elsewhere. They should havefollowed their own advice when I asked them what to do with mine - call in a pro !

If it is a UK lot, then one of the keeper's newsletter says that the beasties have been spotted in the south of England. It does not mean they are there, colony and all only that some have dodged immigration... As you say, plenty of things kill bees. A programme coming up to spread doom and gloom along with the ban on agricultural toxins having just been lifted by parliament perhaps? Let us know what the programme is come the time.

I am wrong place in France and only have the local buggers, they are bad enough. So, not me.

PS. A member of the hunt has started firing night trace bullets into the high nests, causes chaos but it works.

I hope you will be wearing a Superman outfit. :-)