TV fault

TV worked fine last night switched on today and all main channels bar ITV have a notice saying there is a technical fault with this channel signal strength seems ok also signal quality have tried unplugging leaving for an hour but still only ITV plus a few other obscure channels am i missing something or is the Satalite down we have free sat basically freeview in the uk

Update on my tv problem its now fixed i should practice what i used to say to my apprentices dont try to overhaul the power station just because the light doesnt work, meaning dont go for the most complicated first check the bulb, in my case it was a cable fault taken 6inch off the cable where it couples up outside and all channels perfect weather has done its worst after 7 years i shouldnt really complain

Try to force a download as I have suggested

You're welcome. All just a bit of elimination to get there, broke my working day pleasantly...

Thanks for persevering with me Brian it was fitted about 7 years ago have been thinking of a Humax everyone around here has one

I thought you had Freeview, what you have is a Sky problem. Same satellite but less control for you. It is one of the reasons people who do not use Sky get rid of the sky box. Perhaps somebody else will come up with a solution but I think you would be better off with a Humax or similar receiver that gives you an entirely free service but allows you to update software and channels as you wish to back up not always automatic updates that sky boxes supposedly do unaided.

I have two controls one to turn on the tv the other for the sky box the menu on the tv just gives the colour sound contrast etc

the sky box has services which gives parental control, signal strenght, quality, auto stand by,and favourite channels no software mentioned anywhere

on screen i just get there is a technical fault with this channel please try later on BBC1 2, 4 5 with a few others, all ITV and some film channels are fine am i looking for a fault thats not there as it all came back for an hour this morning then went off

I do not subscribe to sky i get just the free channels

On your handset there must be the word MENU somewhere. That puts up the on screen menu.

No software menu on ours unless i cant find it

Go to menu, you'll find software there. Update following the instructions. Takes a while, might even appear to be doing nothing, but leave it until it has run.

All channels came back about 10.30am this morning but went again an hour later only message i get is, there is a technical fault with this channel,how do i update the software last time we had a similar problem the wife called in a local english guy who pressed a few buttons but wouldnt tell us what he did before Sunday morning all channels were working fine

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Have you tried updating software? It should be done manually every six moths or so, that and retuning every so often. Some channels do go down for maintenance for a while, for instance the children's channel Kix was down for two full days last year and only gave an apology after.