Tv licence in gite

I was recently informed that I have to pay a separate tv licence for my gite but am not absolutely convinced this is true. I have spent a long time reading the impots page and asked at the tax office - they didnt seem to know either. Can anyone enlighten me on the rules?

What if the TV is not connected to any French channels but to say Skype, or only used as a screen for a DVD player and does not receive broadcast television.
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Yes, you have to pay a kind of tva on tv in gite and chambres d'hôtes (even if you are not paying tva). We didn't know this and one afternoon had a tax inspector "visiting" our guest bedrooms (which they are allowed to do) to count 5 tvs. She announced that we had to pay back to when we started letting the rooms plus a fine! Only our accountant could settle this problem, as he confirmed to her that we weren't aware of this special tax and from then on we have to pay this for all our rooms.

Hi Camilla. You do have to have a licence for your TV in the gite. No-one ever told us, we assumed it was all part of the habitation Tax we paid for the house & the gite.Then one day we got a letter to say that an inspector would be calling to check our gite & B&B rooms for TVs & radios etc.We got a telling off cos we didn`t have a TV licence & were sent a letter saying we would have to pay a fine etc. However the inspector also told us that if we wrote pleading that we are unaware of the rule the fine would be waived..& it was. But we now pay 121€ a year ( which annoys me as the TV is only used for 6-8 weeks at the most) but its that or take the TV out. You are also supposed to pay for TVs in chambre d`hote rooms & if you have a TV in a visitors lounge of the reasons that we do not put TVs in our guest rooms! Try this link

We pay our money to the local office d`impots. You have to do it yourself..they do not send out forms or reminders.

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