TV License in France - on the way out?

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I think the days of traditional TV stations has passed. My daughter and her pals haven’t watched “linear” TV in ten years, I’d say. It’s an on demand world these days.


France is trying to leave us more cash in our pockets/more purchasing power… and I’ll drink to that…


We don’t usually watch or listen to tv shows as they are broadcast but we do make use of the BBC iplayer and BBC Sounds all the time.

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There was a mention on the radio program I heard, that the govenment intends to come up with a proposal of how they will replace this revenue, by the end of this year.

So we may find a new wider-ranging tax proposal is made. Such as taxing other devices than just TVs, or introducing new media tax etc on, say, netflix or other online access independently of which device it’s used on

It will be interesting to see how this plays out… since the whole point of abolishing the tax is to let folk have more money in their pockets “more purchasing power”.

I think this is more like ‘the lord Macron giveth and he taketh away’, 3bn of revenue will have to be replaced somehow so expect increases elsewhere.

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