TV Reception Help Needed

We have a digital Satellite Receiver, and use the Free to Air channels. One dish is oriented to pick up Germany, Austria etc., and the 2nd dish is oriented to receive Britain. During the day, the reception of BBC1 and 2, ITV etc. is wonderful. As soon as darkness falls, the picture is all broken up and jumpy. It is so bad as to be unwatchable. We are using Astra II. Has anybody a suggestion as to why this should happen? Perhaps the British turn the lights out as soon as it gets dark lol

I think we might have one stashed away in the garage, from my days as an Amateur Radio Addict; if not will look locally or check the satcure site. Again, thanks for the help. Ciao

Yes, I think I have seen them in Castorama or you could buy online from

Thanks Steve - good idea! Do you perhaps mean a Signal Strength Meter?

Perhaps it’s the heat during the day that is causing the dish to expand into a position where it gets a reasonable signal. At night when it cools down, it contracts back to a position where the signal is too weak. You can pick up a cheap meter for 15€ and reset it.