TV takes ages to switch on?

Hi I have a Thompson tv.which takes forever to swich on,Research tells me that the problem will be blown capacitors.My problem is where do i start.any help appreciated.

regards Bill

Yeah. solder it to be sure.

Thanks mike.

Hi Bill,

Looks as though you may well have found the cause of the problem but fixing it is not as easy as changing a capacitor ! I don't know where you might be able to get that particular type of connector.If it were me I would have to start googling..I would also try soldering a wire from pin3 on the undeneath of the circuit board to the other end of the white cable wherever that goes, thus by passing the pin 3 burnt contact and see if that does in fact cure the problem. If I have any other ideas I'll let you know...

Good luck,


Hi Michael

i have taken back of tv,capacitors appear ok,but found a burnt pin,on cleaning pin area ,tv has improved a lot .I feel it could have something to do with the pin,but i do not have this knowledge.Do yo know where i can get parts.

Regards Bill

Defective electrolytic capacitors can often be the cause of the problem you describe...You would need to look at the power supply board and check for any signs of leakage from, or distortion of, any of the the electrolytic capacitors. The tops of those components should be absolutely flat, but very often they bulge upwards and this is a typical sign of a defective capacitor.If you're lucky, replacement of any such capacitors could well cure your problem.It's advisable to replace with components of the same capacitance but higher voltage rating.