TV volume....Dalby...aaargh

I have a manhatan box. Slowly the volume control has ceased to function, with a strip saying volume control not available on Dalby Digital. lOn Sky Arts, it’s as normal, up if I’m in the kitchen, down if not. I didn’t ask for Dalby bloody digital…what can I do to get the volume back? I’m not deaf, but I’m having to sit nearer the TV, it’s madness and irritating. Thanks everyone for jeans advice, Next will do me when they have more stock!

Go to Settings, select Sound, then deselect Dolby Digital. Select TV Speaker instead.


thanks Brian for setting (no pun intended) me on my way, it was not quite as you described, no link saying deselect Dalby, but something called stereo with PCM, so i went for that and there we were! It seems that i will lose HD but I don’t mind at all. Just run through a few channels and perfect volume control. Really, SF is so much better and more agreable than expensive “help” new papers.

Don’t forget there are 2 lots of settings to look at, , one for the TV and one for the Manhattan box.

I’m glad it’s sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

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This appears to have been sorted on the tv via the box!!

It’s complicated and to do with the many ways the Manhattan box can output sound to the TV, and the many ways the TV can deal with the sound. It’s just a question of finding the right setup for your situation.