Twiny gas connector

Am I the only one who struggles to get the Twiny gas coupling to fit on a new bottle?
It’s that time now & although taking the old one off is simple, connecting the new one seems to require hours of stress.
Has anyone mastered this?

Do you mean the reverse thread on the regulator for 13kg propane bottles or something I’m not yet familiar with?

It is the supposed “quick” coupling for the little bottles.
I’m not sure what the second button is for either!
I’ve done it now & I think that I tend not to push down hard enough.

Mine is on the plastic bottle, looks very similar and i struggle every time, pain in the backside.

Ah, it’s the click on style regulator.

You have to push down really firmly to get them to seat.

The second button primes the regulator so that the hose supplying the fire/cooker fills with gas.

Sometimes it goes on first try, normally I end up cursing the damn thing!

, so you push down then turn the regulator knob with the other hand, with the bottles i use the handles and the rim makes it so difficult to get both hands in so no view of what your doing. Then again with fingers like Cumberland sausages its no wonder i cannot see what both hands are doing. Ha ha oh for towns gas.

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Thoroughly agree. Keep your hands away from the two buttons. Just rest your hand on the top of the connector and push the connector down hard on the canister. You should hear a click and it’s in place.

The second button, when you push it in you should hear a whoosh as the gas is released into the tube.

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The tap green side up press the 2 buttons together and push down onto the bottle, reverse the operation to take off.

I find if I do that then the spring mechanism doesn’t always grip the bottle properly. Hence my preference for keeping hands away from buttons and just pushing the connector firmly down onto the bottle.

No hands anywhere near buttons in this video.

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Yes, just push down firmly until it locks. Large black lever to release. Small green button to prime. I have to say, it took me several tries at this to figure it out.

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