Two Adorable BORDER TERRIERS for adoption

These two are best buddies who can not be separated. They are 5 years old, neutered, with passports & microchips, trained, quiet, travel well, and are soooo well behaved and loving. They need a secure garden, long walks, a calm atmosphere, and special adoring human companions who will give them a secure home and routine--and lots and lots of love. If you know Border Terriers, you know what intelligent, aware, sensitive, and affectionate family members they can be. These two sweet guys also get along well with cats and other non-aggressive dogs.

Because their current human companion is ill, they are looking for a special new home and loving human companions. Please leave a comment or message me if you would like more information and photos.![](upload://3HFqdeArrv4BAgsqOX8ioerm7cx.jpg)

Presume these dogs have found a home as you did not reply to my email?

Have you considered contacting the breeder as they may well have the dogs back to find a suitable home? Also worth considering putting a message in Le Forum des Border as they have a section for BTs looking for homes and you would be in direct contact with people who actually know the breed.

Let me know if I can help.

Hi Frances, My email is :

Look forward to hearing from you~

I would like to email you, but not sure how I can do that privately?