Two Adorable BORDER TERRIERS for adoption

These two are best buddies who can not be separated. They are 5 years old, neutered, with passports & microchips, trained, quiet, travel well, and are soooo well behaved and loving. They need a secure garden, long walks, a calm atmosphere, and special adoring human companions who will give them a secure home and routine--and lots and lots of love. If you know Border Terriers, you know what intelligent, aware, ![](upload://3HFqdeArrv4BAgsqOX8ioerm7cx.jpg)sensitive, and affectionate family members they can be. These two sweet guys also get along well with cats and other non-aggressive dogs~ Because their current human companion is ill, they need to find a special new home. If you would like more information and pictures, please leave a comment or message me.

Thank you for the welcome and your suggestions! Also seems that I have accidentally posted this discussion twice, so will delete one straightaway.

A very warm welcome to the Dogs group Marta. These two look absolutely adorable and I'm sure someone will offer them a loving home (unfortunately it won't be me - my rescue puppy has literally within the last 10 minutes been found chewing on my Blackberry which is now ruined. Ho hum). France is so huge, perhaps you could give a location of whereabouts they are? Or whether any transport would be available? There is also a Pet Rescue group on SFN so it could be worthwhile posting on there as well.