Two cases of Dengue Fever in Auvergne-Rhone Alpes

There have now been two cases of dengue fever diagnosed in this area which has been transmitted locally by the tiger mosquito.
The first was on the 23rd September and now a latest case.
Both have now recovered.
We have had sightings of this mosquito in 71 and we are now experiencing an Indian summer for a few days and the wasps and mossies are back again.
Take care.

Well we had Chikungunya already enter from the south and move up, so I don’t suppose there are any real surprises that the risk of being infected with a formerly tropical disease by a carrier such as an introduced mosquito is on the increase. Perhaps we need a couple of 1949 or 1963 winters to kill them all off :wink: Seriously, though, it is a somewhat worrying trend.

All our winter weather used to come from the East, Russia, but now it is mainly from the west, west Atlantic.
We have had the November mists for the past few days and I can no see a bit further than before.
I got an ordinary mossie bite the other night!

I think I must have driven right past you on my way back from Germany, I missed my usual turn-off so I took Mâcon sud and went up to Paray le Monial past Trivy etc.

Not quite so simple Vero.
We are at the far end of Trivy commune 7k from the village.
We are just below the D17, the old road now designated as the Route Touristique because of the magnificent views.
You are still welcome to have an overnight break or coffee en route.

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Thank you so much! :bouquet:
Obv when I say ‘right by’ I mean on the scale of the country (and sound like a sheepdog trials person)

You mean away!

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Or come by, get down shep.