Two little brothers

... found by the road, but now thriving in a foster home. They are around two and half months old, playful, sweet natured and clean. One is semi-long haired. They are looking for permanent homes under an SPA contract - 95 euros means they are vaccinated, identified and castrated - (a good price).

If you are interested, please send me a message or call me - 06 20 91 59 21. I'm in Limoges.



and they seemed such cute things in the first photo!!

Thanks Lynn! No television in this house, but I recently witnessed quite the specatcle:

Here we observe an historical re-enactment of ancient Roman blood sport. The degenerate nobleman in the stadium, overcome with destructive lust, is pushing the savage gladiator on to give the final blow to the stuffed kitten in a Christmas stocking. Beyond this death-crazed warrior we see his last victim, an inert tennis ball, innocent witness to the gore and savagerie.

My blood runs cold.

and much better entertainment than any television programme!!!

Best of luck Melissa!