Two old dogs need a foster home Poitou-Charentes - Asso En Route

Scooby (multi-coloured, 13 yrs) and Tinker (black, 15 yrs) have lost everything and everyone they love following the death of their dad, and are currently being cared for near Sainte Soline in dept 79.

They are old and creaky but they have been given a clean bill of health by our vet and still enjoy their food and snoozing by the fire or in the sun, so we would love to find a calm relaxed home for them to live out their days together.

These situations are tough for us. They may not have long left so we’re looking for a guardian angel who will be happy to let them settle at their own pace and be there for them so they can get the reassurance they need and be happy again.
We will provide full financial and practical support.76905953_435793967349212_965893820807905280_n

They need to stay together but will happily share their home with another dog or cat as long as they’re not too boisterous.

Please contact us through the En Route website or via email at in the first instance.

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I really hope someone comes good for these guys. :crossed_fingers:t2:
Please update us, best wishes

Thank you. I hope so.
They’re being cared for by friend of the chap who died, but they work, so the boys aren’t getting the emotional care they crave.