Tyson, gorgeous cocker spaniel needs help

Tyson, funny name for such a lovable gentle dog!

He was given 3 years ago, as a wedding present!! Two years later he was again 'given' to friends of the couple. A year on and they too have abandonned him as they move away.

I know we are a cat charity, but this one touched us, if you can help Tyson pelase contact us. he lives happily with many cats, is such a lovely natured chap, he deserves somewhere permanent to call home!
Tyson is tatoue, vaccinated and clean around the house, used to living with cats

Contact Lynn at Chats du Quercy 05 63 94 73 97

It is a lovely thought Helen, We hope that Tyson will find a home with the lady who will visit him tomorrow.

Your friend sounds like she needs a little time to get over her loss, when she is ready, why not visit the local SPA, they always have dogs in need!

thank you anyway for thinking of him


Just so that you are aware, a small donation for the adoption of Tyson, will be asked for to cover vet fees incurred.

Unfortunately most vets have to earn a living and don't come free of charge.

PS Tyson I have learnt, is not neutered, so if you are interested we can sort this out with our Chats du Quercy vet before he goes to his new home - the dog that is, not the vet!

It has been a long day!!!

No he has not Nigel - please call me on 05 63 94 73 97

Hi Helen,

He is a super(the picture doesn't do him justice as he is quite bouncy and very loving), and yes, with children too - just a very happy little chap all round!!

He is currently in Monflanquin(47), but we may be able to arrange something.