U.K. pension

Anyone here leaving their U.K. government pension in the hod so to speak, I do believe you get 10% per year added. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

please clarify as Google doesn’t understand “hod” and neither do I … :roll_eyes:

Easy to find if you mean state pension

Sorry Stella, building jargon, it means leave it be.

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Very good, looks like it’s worth leaving it for a bit.

Because I have three other state pensions and did not need the UK pension at the time, I deferred for five years and did quite nicely thank you.

I think it depends which pension you are getting. I understand the increase for the new-style State Pension is a lower rate than the one that applied to me (about 6 years ago) but Mark’s link is remarkably clear for a government website :rofl:

as in hod carrier - see this Wikipedia explanation…
I amused myself in 1978 when we moved in to a new house on an estate. The houses opposite were still in process of being built and it was amusing to watch a hod carrier pulling bricks of the stack, scattering them all over the road, loading his hod and climbing up the ladder to replenish the bricklayers pile whilst below him, one of the builders lorries went hurtling past and broke up all the ones scattered on the ground - only to be repeated about 5 minutes later when he came back down again. Not the brightest of site workers :slightly_smiling_face:

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I made the mistake of putting the whole sentance, rather than “hod”… for once, Google was lost for words… pension hods were beyond its learning level…


In another topic, there was a member in complete denial about the veracity of the claim the BoE saved the day…

@Paddywack think it went down to 5%? I renember my other half telling me 10% was worth it but not 5%

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Ah yes. @Yonner in the Pound Soaring (or not) thread. Sorry

If you or graham can show any verifiable info that shows the BoE HAVE spent, ( rather than simply saying they would be prepared to) I’ll offer a full apology.
At the moment, all the info u need is in the link I provided.
Whether life is short or not Graham, don’t peddle misinformation.

Saying I’m in denial is a disingenuous distraction from the current facts. Getting personal suggest you know where your argument is failing.

You need to understand how the committal of public funds process works…
I don’t peddle misinformation…

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No thanks

As I posted in the other thread, I think trying to defend Truss and Kwarteng because they may only have created a £6.5B disaster instead of a £65B disaster is probably pointless. One would have hoped that they could have avoided creating any panic.


Interesting you should use the exact word KamiKwazi used… distraction.


The spend is actually about 5% so far I think. They had planned to stop the money-printing presses but ended up having to do a lot of swashbuckling about being willing to spend £65Bn to get the markets to calm down instead.

They spent that small amount of it but interest rates will still be under pressure and we could have even more of a run on the £ upcoming still. So the tide is not stopped.

As @John_Scully said, the worry is who knows what other steps else Truss and Kami Kazi are going to take to mess up.

Not good for anyone dependent on the UK for their income or whose income is in £.


Here we/it goes……

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