UK Austerity mark 2

Professor Jonathan Portes - Economist Kings College London gives a view on the new chancellor…

While we’re at it… To quote Lord Sugar, after meeting Jeremy Hunt,

“He comes from a long line of Hunts” and he’s certainly proved this allusion to the female pudenda in his political life, he was a complete ‘Hunt’ while Health Secretary, and as Chancellor he’s demonstrably a massive ‘Hunt.’

Whilst Sterling rose for a short while after his TV statement this morning, after his performance in the House, it dropped again.

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Do you think he’s heard that one?

There was a bad situation which was then made horribly worse, and now it would be a miracle if anyone could fix it within the next five years.
Unfortunately, Truss will remain in place simply because no-one with half an ounce of common sense would want to be PM now.
Hunt’s main job is to keep Truss under control.

The shear ego of people who want to run the country wont stop them applying.

They are all jingoists and full of piss and wind.


You give them too much credit Jane.