UK Bank Account restrictions?

Just read a long entry on the Living in Crete forum about UK banks placing/or discussing placing, restrictions on UK nationals living elsewhere in Europe in that they will probably not be able to use UK banks any longer if they do not have a UK address ? (apart from Barclays, where you can but you need 100,000 to do so ................!) ....the content of the post said a friend had posted it onto the SFN forum - but I cannot find it - anyone know where to look out of interest, please ?

Hi all ! Aah - no computer for four days .at last back in the land of the living .....what on earth did we do before computers ???? - no phone either, except mobile awaited (it IS August in France !) - however, yes, it was indeed the living in Crete forum article I was referring to - still considering one day a move to Kalyves - but with the problems of having to open a Bank account in Crete and obtain a tax number - which is necessary to buy or rent a property, and having to maintain a Bank account in the UK (if that is going to be possible - I have nothing like 100,000 !!) - I wonder, being cynical here, if this is yet another preparation for a UK exist from the EU ? At the same time, UK banks are advising ex pats in Greece to maintain a UK bank account - seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing if you cannot open a new UK bank account - I thought some time ago the UK had introduced a basic bank account for poor people .............?? - maybe all ex pats returning, or thinking of leaving the EU who currently have no bank account in the UK should investigate this and its consequences - as you can be sure as h***l no UK government department has thought it through ! Interesting times ............

Read something about this but it seems to relate purely to those countries with problems such as Greece and not across the board to all countries.

It has been raised some time back. However, it is no longer possible to open an account without a UK address although existing accounts are not affected. As far as I understand it, anybody who is caught using a proxy and then found out not to be UK resident will lose the account. All countries are becoming obsessed with laundering but that is not helpful for those of us who keep a few pennies elsewhere.

Oh, John, you are good. I failed miserably (maybe it was the time of night).

Sandra, as you can see, at least one member is on the ball and it's definitely not me.

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And I take it you are referring to this item on the living in Crete forum?:

Maybe this related thread

I've done a quick search but can't find a separate discussion relating to it, Sandra. I'm wondering if they had joined an existing discussion which may have a different title. Do you have any names or anything so we can narrow it down? I've searched 'banking restrictions' - can you think what else? Obviously simply 'bank accounts' or 'UK address' will come up with a zillion results.