UK Bank/ Permanent French addresss

(john hope-falkner) #1

It looks like that after 11 years in France I have no reason to return to the UK.

Currently my ’UK address’ is that of a relation and since he is suffering from bad health, might be an idea to change/link my UK based bank (Barclays), credit card and Paypal accounts info to my permanent French address.

Seems like Barclays International is not an option since one needs a float of £25,000 + (My bank account is not much more than recipient of my monthly state pension)

Anyone had problems holding their bank account in the UK while having a French address?

Do I have to change my Paypal .uk account to the French version (currently backed up by a UK credit card)?

Any suggestions /warnings etc most welcome.

(I sense there may well be a Brexit element to all this…)

I originally posted this on RIFT but it was taken down as the moderators though the answers were promoting commercial organisations.

I do not think that was the case.I believe people were merely stating what worked for them


(Ann Coe) #2

Hello John

We still hold a UK bank account as my ex’s small private pension goes in there , it’s Loyds International . Don’t know what their current regulations are but we have had it for some years.

I think that HSBC need a minimum too, hence we were chucked out !

I think that you can use Paypal on either a UK or French account or both.

I bank with Boursorama, internet banking, and am very pleased with them, no bank charges or card charges.

Also keep a small sum in La banque Postale, mainly because they are open longer hours and it’s convenient !


(stella wood) #3

Hello John… I simply changed the address on my Barclays account… no problem. (that is… until they messed me about some 15 years later… huh…I got rid of them then.)

Also, we kept our Lloyds Bank account (current and savings)…and simply changed the address when we moved to France… and we have a pension which goes straight in there… no problem.

PayPal… no problems… we just say which bankcard (French or UK) we wish to use at any one time.

In other words… I cannot see any reason why you should not simply notify Barclays of your new address…

PayPal… nothing to change, is there…

I’m sure others will chime in with more info…

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(Mandy Davies) #4

Hello John

I also have a Lloyds Bank account and just changed my address 11 years ago. Never had any problems and there has been very little in it for the last few years.

I know it’s difficult to open new UK bank accounts when living in France but it should be OK for existing ones.

After Brexit, who knows?!

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(David Martin) #5

I changed my Barclays account to my French address earlier this year as they asked me to confirm that I lived at the address used for a tax return. I did it online and it was simplicity itself. I must remember to update my Apple account to show the change of address as I’m sure that on the rare occasion that I use it there might be an issue.

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(Chris Elliott) #6

I have both an HSBC personal account and a Lloyds Business account using my French address - no issues at all. In both cases it was a simple phone call. Once they know you’re French resident you’ll need to fill out some paper with French tax numbers for them

Paypal - I use both UK and France with separate accounts - each linked to a card in the “correct” currency.

I also use Transferwise as a bank - they may be worth looking at if you want a one stop bank - they allow “multiple” linked accounts - one in £ one in Euros -


(Dave Sheriton) #7

When we moved over here we were able to change our Nat West, HSBC and Barclays accounts to a French address but not Barclaycard as a credit card. As for opening a new UK account when a French resident, I’ve yet to find one who will allow it. I think they assume I’m a money launderer. The only time I did that was when my jeans got washed with a fiver in the back pocket! :smile:

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(Mat Davies) #8

The introduction of multi-currency banks such as Revolut make holding different currencies so much simpler - also free to transfer money between your currency pots. I don’t think these accounts are linked to an address.


(stella wood) #9


It has suddenly struck me… I suppose you do have a French bank account already in place ???


(Sue Young) #10

We have a Co-op bank account with French address( we did have the account before we moved) and French bank accounts as well. The only thing we had to change was an ISA we had as you can only have one of those as a UK tax payer. Otherwise no problems in the 8 years we’ve been here.


(john hope-falkner) #11

Thank you for your response.
Indeed I do, have had a French bank account for some ten years.What were you thinking?


(stella wood) #12

Simply that if you did not have a French Bank… you might find it useful to have one… as well… :thinking:


(Sandra Shadrach) #13

We have both UK and French bank accounts, no problems at all, all registered to our French address, and of course the overseas ones reported on the French tax return. Most things banking-wise can be done online these days, so that helps.

My understanding is that a Paypal Account does not need to be listed on the French Tax return as long as it is linked to your French bank account. If linked to your UK one, you should possibly be declaring it as an overseas account, as Paypal is in Luxembourg…


(john hope-falkner) #14

Thank you all for your considered answers.

Suppose I am really trying to avoid the palaver of changing banks and all the additional things that go with it.

Was maybe worried that Barclays would ‘rumble me’ when I asked for a country address change.

Maybe best wait to find out what Brexit/March 29 will do to all our financial arrangements?

As for laundering money, seems like Dave Sheriton and I share a similar hobby…


(David Martin) #15

Just change your address. Barclays are fine about it. As I said I have changed my address from a U.K. address to my French address within the last few months. Easy to do and now it’s clearly showing on my Barclay’s banking app. It’s not a big deal. Using the words rumble me suggests that you are planning to do something underhand whereas all you are doing is complying with the Terms and Conditions that you will have agreed to abide by.

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