UK Civil Service Collapse

Ditto, @Lumber could you edit that post that Véro is referring to and please remove the personal attack.


Hello @billybutcher

Post edited as per your request.

Not being Fred Astaire I’m going to tread on the occasional toe now and then, it’s a human trait I have.

No issues on my part, you didn’t like what I wrote, you asked me to remove what I wrote and I’ve deleted it.

It’s a new day.

As the old Irish saying goes “Blessed are the flexible, for they never get bent out of shape”.


Excellent, thanks.

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Post deleted - my apologies if it was inappropriate.

I’d be highly obliged if you would leave your analysis of other posters aside please Brian. I’ve had to deal with fallout already today from comments made in a similar vein and they are not helpful . Thanks.


Not at all I can take criticism, but I am sensitive

Apologies, Cat. It was not meant as analysis, just to clarify what the poster meant. However, I’m happy to withdraw the comment

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Apology accepted

It gets worse…

The queues outside are a publicly visible sign of the dilapidated state, people indignantly eager to tell stories that seem to signal the collapse of public services… cuts to environmental inspections of water, air and agriculture are hair-raising.