UK company in France


Does anyone know whether a UK registered company can hire people in France ? I need to take on someone to help with my languages abroad business and wanted to know whether a UK company could do this.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Thank you Andrew.

Hi Irene,

Normally you need at least 900 hours employment per year somewhere else to be taken on a a vacataire BUT if the employment is teaching it’s reduced to 300 hours. As you say, they’re going to end up shooting themselves in the foot at this rate!

As for taking on a friend, colleague, other half… I wouldn’t employ anyone in France for the reasons I gave earlier. I still think you could get them to register as an AE. They’d simply say they’d had various offers to teach English but can’t until they’ve got an official status - AE. If they end up working just for you it’ll be too late once they’re registered anyway and they could always do an hour or two private tuition for peanuts just to prove they work for more than one person.

Bonne chance !

Hello Irene… having the same problem with le Mirail. I’ve worked at the IUT in Figeac for a number of years, as vacataire (there has always been a limit of 180 odd hours) and later as a préstataire de service which I can no longer do as they won’t accept AEs as they don’t have unemployment cover and the Unis are frightened of the implications if the AE later has no work and goes knocking on their door for benefits… the story’s been running for a while and will keep going and going. I’m the responsable pédagogique and main teacher of a DU (chinese students learning French to then go on to first year DUT) and the jury’s stile out. last year we got it through on 4 separate contracts, this year I’m back to vacataire status and waiting to know exactly what le Mirail want as proof of other work - being a freelance translator as well it’s not easy to give a fixed number of hours worked elsewhere. I said I wouldn’t be here this year as I’d had enough of the bureaucracy at le mirail but they asked me to continue… up to them to sort it out!

on verra !

Yes you’re right Steve - some people have been refused AE status because they wanted to work for just one person. When I set up I worked for two - CCI and IUT and some private clients so no problem. You just have to word what you say correctly on the application… "with a view to prospecting for other clients… :wink:

Isn’t there a potential problem where if the person working under the AE scheme works mainly for one employer, the SS sees this as being an attempt by the “employer” to avoid paying full social charges ?

You might want to look at Valerie Lemiere’s site


I second Tim and Evelyne’s approach, especially as an auto-entrepreneur, anything else is likely to be very long winded and once you’ve taken somebody on in France they’re with you for life! plus it’d most probably cost a whole load more than in the UK.

I would agree, use a subcontractor that is registered in France as auto-entrepreneur. Otherwise, you could go via an agency like Manpower, but it would cost you more.

Hello Irene,

I have a similar situation - I use sub contractors in France for a UK client, and have my own limited company. The sub contractors are registered here under the Auto Entrepreneur system and declare their earnings here.

As long as I have a proper invoice from them then I am happy.

I am sure some of the more experienced people here will have better advice…

Hope this helps