UK driving licence change of address

My (still) UK driving licence doesnt expire for another couple of years so apparently I cannot exchange it for a french one just yet. However the address on it is my mother’s, but she’s recently died and the house will soon be sold so the address will no longer be valid. I do have another UK address I could use if necessary but I guess I’m (slightly) concerned about the legality of this.
Anyone any ideas about the best way to deal with this. Maybe @kim has an idea (but sorry I dont have FB)
Thanks Mark

I seem to recall that, as you are a French Resident… the UK address on the UK DLicence doesn’t matter a darn :wink:

We changed ours in 2011/2012 I think… by which time we’d been in France for many years and had no link whatsoever with the old UK address… :wink:

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You can get a speeding fine in France and they’ll issue you a new French one right away. They take the U.K. one and a fair few Euros first mind.

Plan B is to wait until your U.K. one has less than 6 months on it and pray the Machine Spirit of ANTS.gouv.Fr is kind to you.


You can’t change the address as to do so you would be agreeing to the T&c that you are a UK resident (or an UK resident for the ultra-pedant wing). so applying fraudulently

As Stella says it doesn’t matter.

But sorry about your Mum. Hard no matter what age you are.

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Thanks @JaneJones

Hi @Mark , sorry to hear about your Mum.

However, once you leave the UK the address on your licence is irrelevant and not a criteria for exchange, your licence continues to be recognised as legal here.

Also it’s an offence to update/renew a UK licence if you are no longer a resident, having an address is not the same thing, as you make a false declaration on an official document with regard to your residency.

So for now there is nothing you can or need to do until your licence is due for exchange here.


Thanks @kim

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This doesn’t work. Trust me, I’ve paid a not-insignificant amount of euros in speeding fines but still have my UK driving licence.


I’m confident the suggestion of deliberately “breaking the law” by speeding… was only made in jest :wink: :wink: :crossed_fingers: :+1:

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I believe it’s up to you to to start the process.

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My licence was due to expire 08/25, I went to my accountant in early June to do my tax return, on the accountants advice, she said that I should exchange my Licence, I argued about the expiry date,but she said that was used as a means to slow down the applications post brexit, so on her advice, I sent my licence application off to ANTS, and now have a shiny,pink permis only 5 wks after applying. You have nothing to lose by applying, if it gets rejected, you can still apply on the correct date,you have nothing to lose.

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I’m afraid your statement by your tax accountant was rubbish, it’s got nothing to do with slowing applications down. The UK agreement meant that a UK licence was deemed as legal and valid and there was no requirement to change it until you met the requirements.

The fact you have been processed early means you were lucky.

The reason I know all this is that I was involved in the new licence agreement and work with the UK and French officials with regard to driving licences.


Well I was issued with the licence, so I must be lucky. :smile:

You were :shamrock: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve got yet another trip to the UK in a couple of weeks (BIL funeral, very sad and far too young) so I might give it a go when I return from that

Then you should have had a French licence a long time ago. It is mandatory to exchange your licence if you are a resident and points are noted to be taken.

You don’t receive a letter informing you to do this, it’s your responsibility.

Translated but here’s the French link as most of my members are english speaking.
Échange d’un permis de conduire obtenu en Europe (EEE) |


The exchange of your driving licence for a French licence is mandatory only in the following cases” appears to indicate that a voluntary exchange of licence has no restriction and could be done at anytime. N’est-pas?

That should be a four leaf clover, not a shamrock :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Let us know how you get on with that. :grinning:

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Ach, shame! that sounded a fun option…

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