UK driving licence expiry and hire cars

My OH's UK driving licence has come up to its 10 year renewal date, so she decided to exchange for a French one. Filled in all the forms, but now Montpellier tell us it will take 3-4months to processs (run off their feet apparently).

The problem is we are off to UK before then, but after the 10year renewal date; she phoned a couple of car hire companies who said they wouldn't hire out a car to an "expired" licence (not that it is expired exactly munt moan).

Any suggestions?


It is an offence for you to drive in the UK on a UK licence without an up to date photo.

You cannot renew your UK licence without a valid UK address.

As Simon says there are people in the UK driving without an up to date photo, but I am sure that they will not be driving hire cars.

But I believe it also says that it is not valid unless you have a valid photocard!

Have you checked out the statement of entitlement? It would be useful for folks to know.

Are you talking about UK for all these penalties? I'm not so sure because you are still licensed to drive (note the expiry dates on the back)?

when your license expires ie ten years for photo card you are now breaking the lay as you have no license, all insurances are void and your car can be impounded plus you will get a hefty fine.

on the other hand there are over 2million drivers still driving with their old card in the UK.

Contact the DVLA for a statement of Entitlement and see if the hire company will accept that.