UK Electrical goods

I am moving across to France shortly, all being well, I was wondering if I am able to take my TV and other electrical goods, change the plugs and them work properly?

Thank you for all your advice- another thing ticked off my pre-move list Bish

Like the others say, no problems. Just buy a shed load of French plugs. Don't forget 2 pin plugs for lights etc. All GB plugs are 3 pin square jobbies but in France you will need & appreciate 2 pin for non earthed low load things. I brought a box of 50, 2 pin & earth French plugs when we arrived here & was shopping for more not long after.

yes! or if you're really lazy like us just get a load of adapters :) or, as Tim says, change plugs on a few multi sockets

Yup. We did.

TV should be digital, if not you can pick up a decoder box.

We either changed the end of the plug on a multi outlet or changed plugs individually.