UK Food safety after Brexit

What food security rules will UK implement after Brexit?

Will US export to UK or UK to US?
From the article:
Canadian beef farmers who had lobbied hard for more access to the EU market in the recently signed bilateral EU-Canada trade deal have discovered that it may all be for nothing.

The EU bans carcasses that are sterilised using chemical washes, but it seems that US hygiene regulations imply they will not accept meat cleaned without them.

Chemical washes = Bleach

My MP is the Shadow Minister for Agriculture and I raised this question with him only a few days ago.
He just says that a trade deal with the USA will be a disaster.

Dispatches (Channel 4 investigative program) aired last night (12/10/20) considered American food standards and the rush by the UK to do any sort of deal (just to prove they can). As usual for Ch4, it was a hard hitting analysis of the shocking lack of standards in respect of meat production and even down to vegetables grown in the US coming to a plate near you (in the UK).
Despite Liz Trussed-Up denying in the HoC that there would be any lowering of UK standards (her emphasis!) MPs voted to reject an amendment to enshrine food safety in UK law.

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Actions, as they say, speak louder than words.

So an amendment to ensure food safety is not needed. But an amendment that enables breaking international law is.


@Krister_Rosendahl yes, bizarre…

Luckily we spotted it half way through and were able to record it on 4+1, looking forward to watching it tonight!

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best after you’ve eaten :wink:

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