UK-France Tax and Estate planning advisors Recommendations?

Dear all,

This is my first inquiry to the forum, and I appreciate all the contributions I have read so far. It has helped me and my family with our possible longterm move to southern France.

In brief, I am wondering if any members could suggest or recommend a specific person or company in France that they have worked with on tax and estate planning. I have read general information, but I haven’t come across recommendations yet (or have missed them).

Our situation:
– I am currently employed in the UK and will remain so, commuting between France and the UK.
– We are in France ‘testing the waters’ for 10 months, starting from Sept 2017.
– We are considering purchasing a permanent home in France and staying permanently.
– We will keep our home in the UK, but rent it out.
– We are near Aix en Provence.

I have spoken briefly to Blevin Franks about this, and they are a common reference for advisors. But, their tax and estate planning services seem expensive at £2000.

I’ve also come across Spectrum IFA Group, but haven’t spoken with them yet.

I’m just wondering if anyone has worked with either advisor. Did you find their services worth it? Or, could suggest another financial advisor?

I appreciate that some suggest going to the French Tax authorities for specific answers, and I think that is solid advice. However, we are an international family (mixing UK, Canada, and Turkey), and this makes estate planning complex.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,

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Hi Thomas

We work closely with two advisors from Spectrum IFA and I highly recommend them. You can contact them via SF as they are both members or via the links below.

They are @Brian_Furzer and @Graham_Keysell

Before going to IFAs , I suggest you do some research online (particularly if you read french); if you ask the right questions there is a lot of good free advice on the financial press sites on both tax and especially on estate planning , which is a french obsession.
One important point ; if you are employed on PAYE and paying UK NI , your situation is much simplified ; you continue to pay tax in the UK and are entitled to a “workers’ S1” which pays for your family’s health costs at the same rate as a french national.

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Thanks very much for this, Patrick. I have been trying to do a little
digging around on this, and have found a little information. I do happen to
be on PAYE, but I’ll have to figure out how it all works. It’s a great
starting point. I greatly appreciate it!